Monday, 23 June 2014

New talent unleashed

Backstage for Graduate Fashion Week / Nottingham Trent University

Last week I sat down at the charming Old Truman Brewery to watch Graduate Fashion Week showcase it’s freshest talent. I was a guest of Nottingham Trent University, but even with only one show to watch, I was overwhelmed with the talent and imagination that I witnessed that hour. All white ensembles and the mix of neutrals definitely got a whole new meaning as I was presented with layers, materials and shapes ensembling something that could only be described as a futuristic dream. Although my personal favorites tend to be on the simple side, 3D prints, laser cuts and turquoise fluff has never excited me this much. Time to rethink the daily dressing routine or at least where we invest our shopping spendings...


Mira Devils said...

Wow cool looks.

xx Mira

Dominique Candido said...



Sasa Zoe said...

wow these are so awesome! :)

Rachel said...

some great shots you took here, these styles are amazing!

Rachel x
Style Soup

Anonymous said...

So many gorgeous pieces! I love the top with the seethough detailing and fringes. Lots of love from Helsinki, Finland!

I'm a young doctor and a fashion blogger.

New outfit post now up on my blog!

Pialunja said...

Awesome post!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Lauren S said...

i really like the flatforms - there needs to be more for small girls like me who don't want to always wear heels :)
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Federica Guatelli said...

I like these details!
XOX, Gap.

Federica Guatelli said...

I like these details!
XOX, Gap.

Iren Pokydchenko said...

Stunning details!!! <3

xoxo Iren

Emma Matthews said...

Love those shoes!

Emma x

Lia Siouti said...

So inspiring!

Dominika Mrázová said...

really cool post!!

INSTAGRAM: dominikamr

Q said...

some interesting pieces!

Sarah R said...

loving the minimalism feel

Chiamaka Abasilim said...

Love all the pieces.

Tamia said...

Awesome looks.

dana dimitras said...

Gorgeous! :)

Rebecca Tembo said...

Oh wow, these are great pieces! I'm considering this uni for my fashion degree, I think this was all the push I needed!

TERESA A said...

I loved the collections from the graduate fashion week.


Julia said...

I think that these designs are truly incredible, I especially love that nude/pink dress at the beginning, that flares out at the bottom!


Mihaela said...

that looks so amazing!


Emi Kimi said...

wow, those shoes and the photos are amazing!

Elizabeth Hawn said...

amazing talent!

Ida Aleksina said...

wow you have a magnificent blog! And love the looks!

AP said...

There are some fine things, but mainly it's art for the sake of art..

Lauren Rhodes said...

That turquoise against the white is quite beautiful:)

Mira Shpak said...

lovely and interesting post!
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TheBohoFlow said...

These shots are exquisite, great runway show

Emma Walker said...

Love this!
Emma | With A City Dream

María Blardone said...

WOW this looks incredible. Really amazing. I adore the triangled clutch and the first and third photos' outfits.
Lots of love, xx

Lucy Mason said...

Wow looks amazing! xx

Kate Wilson said...

such amazing pictures x

alice bea said...

great pictures! the shoes look amazing!!

Lubica Tothova said...

Great looks..

Lisa Ashan-wa Aliogo said...

Very beautiful pictures and you're right. So much fresh talent it's amazing!



Cool looks!
I like a lot.

Jeanne said...

Great inspo!

Tamar Shalem said...

SO much color!

Tamar shalem - shoe designer

Sarah said...

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Sarah said...

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Laura lexo said...

A lot of talents there!!!



What talent!!

Alex Frankowska said...

Nice shoes on a first photo :D

Osc Vectors said...

such great inspiration, they look so cool:)
Fashion Week

Osc Vectors said...

such great inspiration, they look so cool:)
Fashion Week

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Scarlett Cohen said...

Liked the look in Paint it Rouge section


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