Saturday, 18 January 2014

Easier now

WWW x BB rings
bikini from local shop

Well, a little kimono hang is somewhat of an obligation for me when I get to experience any temperatures above 20, it’s deliberating. Versions of Athena Procopiou would have been even better, but there is always next time. There will and must be a next time for a sisterly Thai getaway too, but I don’t believe I’ll ever relive the feeling of a new start like this. Might have been a slow kick-off on the cyber side, but I promise it’s been worth it all.
photos by Steffi


Blusheels said...

Amazing atmosphere! Your hair is unreal!


Elizabeth Hawn said...

that striped bathing suit is adorable!

Leesa said...

beautiful pics!

Dominique Candido said...

first, beautiful pictures
second, i like the kimono!

Desiree Choo said...

So pretty! Can't wait to hang out at the beach too. :)

Julia Vedeshina said...

looks so good, beautiful pictures, weather and the girl

Caroline said...

just sooo pretty !!! lovely snaps :)

Ansma said...


Lauren S said...

you look stunning, so natural and free. this outfit is great and your hair is amazing too !!
Lauren x
Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

Grace Cottrell said...

Gorgeous photos, love the beach! xx

Q said...

gorgeous! mermaid on land!!

Q said...

gorgeous! mermaid on land!!

Tanya Sc said...

Looks so beautiful and peacefull! Your hair look fantastic!

Mei Fleming said...

Stunning shots and I love the kimono blowing in the wind!



Chahrazad said...

Such beautiful photographs!!


Julie said...

amazing pictures! i love your kimono!

Fatilicious said...

Love the kimono <3 amazing pics

format1x1 said...


Jenna Fifi said...

Lovely photos!

Jenna ||

MJ Wonderlander said...


Emma Walker said...

Such beautiful pictures!

With A City Dream

Lisa R Charles said...

Lovely. The scenery, your outfit, and words.

I'm Just Me said...

lovely photos!

Maricruz said...

Beautiful pictures! xx

Michèle Kruesi said...

your photos are always so impressive and always kind of a art piece. I don't know if it's because of you looking like a goddess in each and every photo or the way the photos are taken/edited. But anyway, I love to watch at them!

anoddgirl said...

love the kimono! it's so gorgeous
amazing pics

anoddgirl said...

love the kimono! it's so gorgeous
amazing pics

Denisa said...

Really so nice pics.

Anna Proffitt said...

So beautiful

Sarah Iracheni said...

Beautiful destination!

Victoria Stoilova said...

beautiful pictures!

Marloes | The Style Sandwich said...

Such an amazing location! I love these shots.

Maud Schellekens said...

Wow, beautiful shots!



Shoco said...

Such a beautiful photos!

Black is beautiful said...

Love the pictures, amazing

Amelia Anastasia said...

SO beautiful

ter said...

you are so beautiful! i just felt like i have to say it :D

Jint vdB said...

Amazing pictures!
Only 1 day left to enter the Sammydress giveaway!

Melissa dv said...

quite jealous now, it looks magical over there! x

Valentina Duracinsky said...

i love these pictures... so gorgeous!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog
-- Facebook Page

Valentina Duracinsky said...

i love these pictures... so gorgeous!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog
-- Facebook Page

SilhouetteParisienne said...

Amazing photos!

moustachic said...

so pretty!

Elisa Taviti said...

These pictures are really beautiful!!

My Fantabulous World

It's About L.A said...

Beautiful photos!

EM said...

Looks like an absolutely luxurious kimono! You look absolutely great!

Eleonora C. said...

Love that kimono!

Follemente Fashion Blog also on Fashiolista and Bloglovin'

Just So. said...

Love the photos. Such an easy, summery feeling!

Nathan Moy said...

OMG Sandra, I'm always blown away with your pictures! SO GORGEOUS! By the way, I just bought my first pair of TOGA PULLA cowgirl shoes, they're TRES provoking, perfect novelty shoes that are impractically wonderful! <3 Check that out and be #provoked.

xx The Provoker

monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful capture!


Zoe Portia said...

beautiful pictures!! xx

Ineta Buze said...

beautiful photography.

Anna Black said...

Gorgeous pictures, you look amazing!

Blonde Canvas said...

Beautiful photos x

Anna Crysell said...

Gorgeous look and ethereal photos. You are stunning

The Koalafornian x

Stephanie G said...

beautiful photos as always!!

steph /

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Beautiful photos. Love your kimono! xx

Greta Gale said...

I love the idea of a kimino at the beach, absolutely gorgeous

x greta

JACK EN NOIR said...

Great photos <3

Michelle Lee said...

great photos!

Sasa Zoe said...

Love this casual look! you look great <3

dana dimitras said...

These photos are fantastic! You look so nice :)

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Julia said...

Love this laid back beach look! And your's incredible! Almost makes you look like a mermaid on the rocks haha

Jeans Please! said...

beautiful photos!

Sylwia said...

love this pics!

Mihaela said...

absolutely stunning!


Beauty Follower said...

Nice photos!

Kaja said...

These pictures are great! and i love your bikini

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kanal d said...

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Lisa Ashan-wa Aliogo said...

Love the patterns on the bikini!

obat tradisional said...

sexy lady :)

Vera said...

Your photos are sensational!!

Ria said...

Girl work, these photos are beautiful!

sophie said...

You look stunning lovely. What part of the world is this?

Sophie x

Marcela Cavalini said...

AMAZING pics!!!

Fashion World said...

Love your style and love this beach look

Hollywood Hot Photo said...

looks stunning. Love this beach style.

Hadrien Leite said...

Awesome outfit and cool pics :D


Amazing photos!

Ayesha Malik said...

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kube studios said...

Those photos look professionally done, and the beach looks sensational!

kube studios said...

Those photos look professionally done, and the beach looks sensational!

Andrea Urquijo said...

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Anonymous said...

Love this look!! Stunning.
xo, Connie

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