Tuesday, 30 April 2013


H&M trend pants
GUESS sunglasses

Taking a break from layering because it’s been so sunny lately! Browsing back on my previous post I noticed that I’ve been dressed in striped in almost every day. Must be my favorite print but I’m still convinced I could do with some more... Easy to adapt as soon as I decided to stay away from anything nautical or cute.
photos by Steffi

Sunday, 28 April 2013

No colours illuminated

MMM x H&M blazer
ZARA waistcoat
TOPSHOP unique boots

Hey Sunday crowd hope you had a nice weekend! My darling sister is in town so we are road tripping to Devon for some surfing. Not too shabby. But before that I wore some dressy blacks and practical rain boots, bare with me while I’m very into all black right now, or well, always. Spring will crawl up on me eventually.

picture by Steffi


A few months back I got a glimpse of fall according to Eudon Choi. With strong Eastern European vibes he showed a folky, romantic side of the Russian tradition that I can definitely work with. Just when I was starting to think there was a bit too much going on, an all black leather ensemble emerged to minimal it all down - balancing at it’s best.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Buy my wardrobe

Sorting out my wardrobe for our Saturday’s fancy shopping event, I’m teaming up with Buy My Wardrobe to sell some of my items at a designer fashion recycling event!

So all this and more will be on my table this Saturday (Selling some Acne, Maison Martin Margiela, YSL etc.) join us if you are in London for some shopping, champagne, BBQ, pampering and much more!

Buy the tickets HERE

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Open on the outside

JOSEPH jacket
ZARA pants
RAYBAN sunglasses

The trending theme on this blog (and definitely on my Instagram..) seems to be... flowers. How exciting and original, but they are everywhere and the thought of choosing a brick wall over the cherry blossom trees is not very motivating right now.

But hey, it’s finally time to get the toes out, it’s officially OK for sandals! I think the sign was when I saw a shirtless guy on the streets of London yesterday. That on the other hand is never OK.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Dip me

MUUBAA jacket
ZARA men’s shirt

Back to London, layering and leather jackets, my favorite. Spring was waiting for me when I arrived. It’s making men in Chelsea run their motors a little louder than usual and women bare skin (see pictured) like it’s late June. But it makes us happy, so welcome spring.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Coachella pool partying with Guess

While the Coachella festival was on at full blast, the parties were where it was all happening, or at least at the Guess parties to be exact (I say parties because there were three of them.) The Viceroy was transformed to the #guesshotel where we danced, chilled and had a few drinks with the best of them. Great music, good looking people and raving Bumbys review, it was a little piece of paradise for someone that 24 hours before was freezing in Finland - not that you needed a dramatic climate change to enjoy the brilliantly catered Guess action.

ps. check Rony’s Photobooth for more photos and who else was there!

I wore a Guess top, vintage shorts and hat plus Alexander Wang shoes on day one. On day two a Guess checked top, & other stories skirt, vintage bag and Wang shoes.

pictures by me and Kim

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Coachella stretch

I was packing my bags, cleaning my sandy face and preparing to leave our Coachella hangout when I realized this place is too beautiful to run away from. So I extended my Palm Springs trip with a few days that I am going to spend catching up with all things important, source through photos and maybe go see some vintage stores in the area, tell me what I need to know if you are local.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Aussie night

H&M conscious exclusive dress

Last night we celebrated Aussie blog awards in Helsinki, where I had the privilege to be on the judge panel to select Finland’s best new, up and coming blogs!

24 hours later I arrived in Palm springs, where I will be spending the next few days at the amazing Coachella. Follow me on Instagram @5inchandup for more festival pics!


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

We need to talk about beige

I’ve had a lot of negative feelings about beige, there is a whole society of people that like wearing it from head to toe. I used to think there is no mystery in the colour, no excitement and no skills required. Leaving black out from my outfit is a stretch but here we are, open to all ideas especially the ones that represent a new fresh season.

Beige shoes are always listed as the cliché wardrobe must-have because they go with everything. I on the other hand would like to think shoes deserve all the attention, which explains why I never felt like I needed a beige pair. But there was something about these strappy sandals that made me realize that banning beige for all this time has made it interesting. You always want what you can’t have.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Easy does it

MARNI x H&M jacket
COS knit
ZARA shoes

Sundays should be for easy dressing and over all simplicity, should I make a blog tradition of that?  London has treated us nicely for the past few days, but typically I’ll be leaving for Finland soon. For the traveling itself I may as well wear these cotton pants, a slouchy take on a dressy classic has to be the best kind.

Unique fall

Isn't there always a million ways intend the pun when talking about Topshop Unique’s unique collections...? The fall collection was certainly special as I admit it might have been the first time ever that pink sequins looked cool in my eyes... I must snap out of that, but the pink fluff is likely to enter my wardrobe later this year and pray for Topshop not to leave the shoes out of production this time!

Over all the show had a lot of things that I’m into and maybe even some things that they intrigued me to get into. They usually manage to positively surprise us and you can always count on them to provide us with easy copy paste ideas that we will know way too well when fall finally arrives.