Sunday, 31 March 2013

A day in LA

A few pictures from my awesome LA trip. First time there actually, how did it ever take my this long to get here? I spent a day with some fellow bloggers at the Guess HQ where we got to distress or own pair of jeans and meet Paul Marciano himself! Amazing trip, but way to short for a first visit. Luckily I’ll be back very soon!

Pictures by me and Rony

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Young new icons

H&M 'new icons' jacket
ZARA shirt
ASOS pants
H&M 'new icons' hat

I’m wearing some pieces from H&M’s ‘New Icons’ collection, which is inspired by street-style and the model ‘off duty’ look, in other words it’s pieces that excite street-style photographers (read: hat’s, fringes and studs)

The collection is actually a bit more bohemian than what I’m wearing here, but I’ve been gravitation more towards suits rather than lace dresses lately, but who knows that might change when I arrive in Palm Springs in a few weeks because I AM GOING TO COACHELLA!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

I'm BACK on Instagram!

Hi everyone! I absolutely ecstatic you let you know that I have finally been unblocked from Instagram and Facebook!! I’ve been having problems since last fall as ‘5inchandup’ has been marked as spam. The name is pure, it’s your mind that’s the problem..

So I’m finally able to continue posting some snapshots from the new flat! It still needs some finalizing work but you can follow 5inchandup Instagram to see how I’m getting along.

I have also been working on a makeover on my 5inchandup Facebook site where you can easily find updates, outfits and more.

And, also, you can now find me on Lookbook and Chictopia!


Saturday, 23 March 2013

Dixon decisions

BCBG MAX AZRIA 'dixon' jacket
ZARA top

Kind of a follow up to my previous post, I had the privilege of being shot by Zanita last Friday. After spending an hour on deciding on the colour, I picked up this jacket on my LA trip, you are going to say it’s a bit Celine-esque so I’ll address it too, it’s like the brand now owns the beige-white-blue and or red combo, okay. But multicolored outerwear does work wonders.
photos by Zanita

Friday, 22 March 2013

Style Summit

Style summit was the name of last friday’s game when I got to style the spring’s top trends with a great group of fellow bloggers at My-wardrobe’s HQ. I flew in from LA and after a quick suitcase change I was taken to the beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance hotel here in London. After a good night sleep we visited the offices of My-wardrobe that already had our names pinned down on a trend we were supposed to portray. See of all the spring trends (you know sporty, minimal, oversized etc.) that I usually love - I was given ‘Sheer Bravado’ (don’t worry, I had to google Bravado too..) So while some thought my work was cut out for me and that I would just pull on one of the prettier sheer dresses, I decided to throw myself a little challenge on how I would actually wear the trend, you know on a Wednesday. I’m making it sound very dramatic but maybe it was a good thing to be pushed out of my little sports chic, high heeled comfort box. So to sum it up - I give you boxy, layered, minimal, preppy Sheer Bravado, because apparently bravado can mean anything you kind of want.

Click here to see my sheer spring favorites I picked out for you!

Thank you My-wardrobe for having me and to the Bobbi Brown team for making me look more put together than usual!

photos by Sarah Griggs

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Santa Monica obligation

J.W ANDERSON x TOPSHOP top & skirt
JOSEPH leather jacket
ZARA shoes

While in LA, or Santa Monica to be precise, I had to stop by the beach to see the pier! Next time I would have to take photos in front of it, I think it’s on the blogger tick-list. Anyway it was just like what you see in movies and to my amusement rollerblades was still the choice of footwear for most. It all felt very 80’s with the sunset and cute boys in slogan tees but then again I was the one in a pastel crop top so maybe I fitted in better than I thought.

Thank you to Anouska for the photos

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Styling our Elwoods with G-star

G-STAR jacket and jeans, ACNE bag

 H&M jacket, G-STAR jeans and tie, ZARA shirt, HUGO BOSS belt and KURT GEIGER shoes

 G-STAR overalls and shoes, COS shirt, BIKBOK necklaces

G-STAR vest and jeans, WEEKDAY shirt, GIUSEPPE ZANOTTI boots

Me and Janne took part in G-star’s global ‘Style your Elwood’ campaign and shot some styles around traditional London locations (see red phone booth, obviously). Being the London representative naturally meant we had to work with the rain but I guess what could be more Londony than that.

See here for more pictures and what the other city representatives came up with.

Friday, 15 March 2013

Check in check out

A quick hi from London! I made it back safe from LA and spent the night at the beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance hotel and the day styling with My-wardrobe.

The pics are from my LA stay where I opted for some new season Acne, Miu Miu and striped Guess jeans for most of the time. How amazingly well does the pink pumps match my MMM x H&M folded bag? Total light bulb moment when I realized that. I am apparently this comfortable on complimenting my own styling.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Trendi March feature

Hiya! These were among a few looks we shot for Finnish Trendi magazine’s March number! The issue is now out for all Finland based readers, so pick it up for more looks and a few tips on how to wear accessories this spring.

For look 1 I’m wearing MONKI jumpsuit, COS shirt, BIKBOK necklaces, WEEKDAY rings, H&M bracelet and DIN SKO shoes

In look 2 I’m wearing HANNA SARÉN coat, COS shirt, H&M skirt, WEEKDAY cap, BIKBOK EARRINGS and ZARA shoes

pictures by Janne

Sunday, 10 March 2013

How to run a circus

MMM x H&M coat
ZARA blazer
COS shirt
ACNE pants

Or more like how to get away with looking like a ring leader, hockey judge, escaped prisoner - believe me I’ve heard it all. Crazy mid-week impulse buy was these Acne leather pants that zips open, reveling my inner eager 90’s child. So new and fresh, like leather track pants with the stipe on the wrong side.

I also finally have new hair! I’m now ash blond and there is even a little side fringe. The change would be a lot more visible if I weren't doing the hair flip in every picture. Not to worry the length have not been sacrificed, but it took a god damn 6 hours. Not sure how I feel about it yet.

Also happy Mothers day to all UK mums! The rose petals are for you.

Oh and one more thing, I’m now off to LA!!

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ghost stories

ZARA shirt
DIESEL ‘skinzee’ jeans
MIU MIU shoes

Yay, my dining chairs finally arrived! I ordered three iconic ‘Ghost chairs’ by Philippe Starck that I plan to mix and match with some vintage, worn ones. As for the shoes, what’s a better spring kick starter than a brand new pair of Miu Miu’s...? Not that they really need an excuse but cracked paint is one of my favorite features on furniture so naturally I want it on my shoes too, very Margiela no?

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Matching mazarine

I noticed it’s been almost a year since Janne appeared on the blog, so it was perfect timing to drag him in to a fun G-star project that we shot here in London a few weeks ago. The photos will go up very soon, these however where taken back in Finland after we got fitted for some new jeans styles! I managed to allure Janne in to the post by finally promising the guitar gear a well deserved blog tribute...

I am wearing G-star ‘Arc 3D tapered’ jeans and jacket, L.K. Bennett belt and Kurt Geiger heels.

Janne wears skinny ‘3D Super slim Elwood’ jeans, shirt and jacket all by G-star, shoes by Kurt Geiger.
photos by Stefanie