Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Roses and other important prints

H&M bracelet
RIVER ISLAND and H&M rings

Oh leo, not Dicaprio but the print - although I have quite strong feeling towards both.. What I meant to say was that my love for the sometimes exhausting animal pattern comes and goes and lately I’ve been leaning towards it more than usual.  This oversized coat really did it for me and the fact that I don’t own many Von Furstenberg pieces was what made me eventually hand over the credit card. Good thing I never bought a somewhat similar piece from Zara last year, I still find it hard to leave that store empty handed but introducing another Zara buy into the blogsphere can only get so exciting.. Correct me if I’m wrong.


Dianna said...

stunning, as always!

Mia said...

love those shoes!


Natali said...

Killer shoes and coat!


thrillofthechaise.com said...

Looking SO fly. Love that coat.



Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Amazing coat and I LOVE these photos! x


Luba Dimitrova said...

Stunning pictures and look ! In love with your shoes !

XX Luba

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kate said...

absolutely love this look. as always. and love your location -- that flowering tree looks about ready to liquify. gorgeous.

quinncooper said...

Your coat is super cute. I am a little bit obsessed with leopard, for me it just never goes out of style. Kind of like stripes.
Great outfit!
xo Quinn

Quinn Cooper Style

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Super gorgeous coat! Love the scarf and heels too! Great look and photos! :-)


I am A Love Addict said...

Such a nice photos

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Ivyanna Adams said...

Lovely background.


Mancina said...

you look amazing, and like the styling. so simple but so affective. <3


Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

You look amazing!! Love the coat!!


Suresh A said...


i will visit blog agian

Dominika Mrázová said...

wow lovely pics!!


Miss Kutsu said...

Love the photos, and the shoes are amazing!


Rhoda Wong said...

i am in love with your shoes and coat!


luca hilvering said...

in love with this look!


VioletDaffodils said...

stunning photography :D xx

Sylwia Dolores said...

Gorgeous as always!:)
Kisses x

Marta said...

Fabulous coat and shoes! You look stunning!


Maddy said...

Love the shoes, the roses are beautiful! xxx

WOWS said...

WOoooooW! Awesome heels!!!

Don't miss today my New bleached SuperSkinny jeans........next the amazing Salmon leather biker jacket!.

Kisses from
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HA said...

(And you probably knew that it's a camellia and not a rose behind you...)

Fashionloverette.com said...

killer heels as always!


Julia Rebaudo said...

Wow, the roses are fabulous in these pics!! Gorgeous shots!



Beautiful outfit, love your leopard coat.


Fashioncontainer Facebook page

wllwproject said...

That coat looks superb on you! It's one of those pieces that I feel unsure of, yet wish that it is in my closet anyway for special days!

Lily Martin said...

Those shoes are fabulous!

You look beautiful, as always another incredible outfit!

Lily x


Riellek said...

The shoes are great!

xx Riëlle


Alicia luque valencia said...

Unas fotografias preciosas,muy buen gusto!! besukis


Melissa V said...

stunning as always! x

toko baju muslim murah said...

I love this post because it is very very interesting.Thanks you very much for shearing this article

Krystel said...

Those heels are gorgeous! loving the animal print theme very pretty x


Wildflower Of Prague said...

Ihana asu! The pants are so slick and gorgeous, the heels are amazing as well! xx



STUNNING pics! I love the way the different patterns (I'm counting the flowers as a pattern here) blend in together! It's almost like a fairy tale...

X Marjolein - Never Too Polished.com

TUGBA ATES said...


Erykah La Rocca said...

shoooooeees! lovely! best I've ever seen!
bestregards from Poland


alexsandra g. said...

This is amazing, the backdrop is perfect x


Aino said...

Amazing pictures! Love the heels!

Adela said...

Beautiful photos. Looking great as always.
Adela x


Carol said...

you are divine - goddess ♥


soulofashopper said...

everything is amazing!!! especially those heels!! to die for..xo, Alma

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fabulous coat!


Charlotte FFH said...

Amazing outfit and collection <3


Anna Black said...

Gorgeous photos, love the jacket!


one girl, one blog said...

Lovely post!

EmerJa said...

Love the pics and your look. The boots are WOW!!!! :P


Anete Grinfelde said...

Woow - these heels ar just perrrfect!!!:)


Valérie said...

I really love these pictures! I just could do nothing but stare in awe at your amazing outfit and background :) You look awesome!

Great post!


Paven Rayat said...

What a gorgeous back drop!

Love the outfit



Kas and Blue said...

I have definitely fallen in love with your heels!!!! TOO amazing! Great post!



LinnaeDesign said...

Wow, such a perfect&beautiful post! Love your outfit and this romantic background! So great! x


Nowhere Girl said...

I love that leo coat! And ohmy how gorgeous are these roses?!

xoxo Laurenzia


Georgina Hatton-Woods said...

Great pictures! That jacket is gorgeous!

Brunette in Louboutins A fashion & lifestyle blog.

natalie riachi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
natalie riachi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
natalie said...

these shoes are one of my all time favorites of yours! glad to see them on the blog again !

x natalie

Halie said...

Gorgeous look from head to toe.

Elena Vasilieva said...

the most incredible shots ever and these heels are killer


Chahrazad said...

Love the print of your coat in combination with the flowers. <3


Dana said...

Haha, Zara is indeed the go-to store for cool yet not too expensive buys. ;) But wow, those shoes, they are fabulous! Just a little over the top which makes them perfect.


Nia .A said...

Love the all pink look!


My Most Recent Outfit Post

My Bloglovin account


Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter said...

So cute xx


Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

Ahhhh I share mutual love for both types of Leo :P


Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Love the flowers in the background and you look amazing as always x

Blog by ORR: La-Grunge

I'm Just Me said...



april said...

amazingly beautiful pictures and your shoes is to die for...your very stunning.


Angelina said...

Great shoot! Looks like it could have been in a magazine. Love the coat and nails combo



Love those shoes!


Emily Hall said...

Amazing shoot - one of my favourites so far. I agree about Zara; sometimes a lower-quality piece is incredibly noticeable.


Nastya Maček said...

You look stunning dear!! Love the heels :)

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Love, Nastya!

Iwona said...

Beautiful photos!

ourstyleKENYA said...

LOVELY !!!!!!!!! and those shoes are stunning



Alex said...

These pictures are just amazing!!


Kstylick said...

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Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!


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Jess said...

Wow!!! You look so gorgeous! Love the shoes and the coat.

Michelle H. said...

Oh goodness those Kirkwood heels are gorgeous on you. It's funny that you mention leaving Zara empty-handed. I do it too often and I think it's just because we get so heavily influenced by what we see on the blogsphere that we don't realize that sometimes we are better off leaving empty-handed.


Styleclouds said...

Beautiful!!! The coat is amazing! xo, Christina


Marianna said...

amazing post! as always!!! keep on!!
xxx Marianna

Istvanffy Emma said...

what a lovely place!

Emma xx

Milla F said...

great photos and wonderful location!

xoxo milla

Ava Maria Arias said...

Love the shoes and adore the coat - great purchase. Just posted some pics of you I took at Burberry hope you like them ava x www.Stylistsmuse.com

Joanna Julia { Fashion4Ever.pl } said...

omg, it such a beautiful place! I wish I could get there this single second! Amazing.
And you have interesting coat!

RÜGA said...


if you want to see a alternative style visit us:


ThereseBidstrup said...

Great shoes!! www.stylelovechild.com

Julie said...

The setting for this shoot is so gorgeous--as is the oufit!

Style by Joules

marly said...

Amazing photos!

Emilia said...

who is your photographer, because your photos are amazing ja very nice! :)

lee said...

The way the long hair flows over that coat in those pictures is so YES.
Lee http://www.waterproofgolftrousers.com

Sylwia said...

omg! I'm in love with your shoes ;)

http://fashionhue.com/ said...

so refreshing.love your dressing style.

Shaz from split-site PhD said...

You look stunning in your fashion getup! Me, too! I really love animal prints, especially prints from snakes, really. I’m not kidding. Most of my friends find it weird and scary to be wearing those. But for me, it’s stylish and it rocks my world. Stay fit and in good shape! Ciao!

weheartbeautyblog said...

Amazing! Love the leopard print coat mixed with the scarf. Gorgeous.

xox Lara www.weheartbeautyblog.com

Kim Falcone said...

Love the coat and these shoes. Absolutely gorgeous!


Oona Pohjolainen said...

I just love these photos, the outfit is great and the roses look incredibly beautiful.

Oona (adventuredarling.blogspot.fi)

ThePrevailingEffect said...




Krishie said...

Those shoes are amazing! They look like the type of shoes you'd wear to look all sexy and mysterious haha!


Valentina Duracinsky said...

How lovely!

Valentina Duracinsky Blog

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