Friday, 22 March 2013

Style Summit

Style summit was the name of last friday’s game when I got to style the spring’s top trends with a great group of fellow bloggers at My-wardrobe’s HQ. I flew in from LA and after a quick suitcase change I was taken to the beautiful St. Pancras Renaissance hotel here in London. After a good night sleep we visited the offices of My-wardrobe that already had our names pinned down on a trend we were supposed to portray. See of all the spring trends (you know sporty, minimal, oversized etc.) that I usually love - I was given ‘Sheer Bravado’ (don’t worry, I had to google Bravado too..) So while some thought my work was cut out for me and that I would just pull on one of the prettier sheer dresses, I decided to throw myself a little challenge on how I would actually wear the trend, you know on a Wednesday. I’m making it sound very dramatic but maybe it was a good thing to be pushed out of my little sports chic, high heeled comfort box. So to sum it up - I give you boxy, layered, minimal, preppy Sheer Bravado, because apparently bravado can mean anything you kind of want.

Click here to see my sheer spring favorites I picked out for you!

Thank you My-wardrobe for having me and to the Bobbi Brown team for making me look more put together than usual!

photos by Sarah Griggs


AVY said...

So pretty <3


Karina said...

Beautiful pictures :)

Dominika Mrázová said...

very nice :) like the dress

blog mode Laura said...

Beautiful, but I would have loved to see more photos of your outfit (and the shoes you're wearing with)!

NRC♥ said...

Liking the colours!
Can;t wait to see what the other bloggers did

Chahrazad said...

Lovely pictures. And that dress you are wearing is gorgeous. Love it!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful capture!


Fashion Ganache said...

Everyone all looks so beautiful! Love all the clothes
Fashion Ganache.

Marina Casapu said...


Ale Daysleeper said...

So pretty Sandra!

Laura Kristensen said...

That sounds so cool! :-)

Sydney Fashion and Style Hunter said...

Gorgeous girls ! xx

Anonymous said...

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Rosalinda Tjioe said...

You look lovely! Love the outfit xx

Domenic said...

sexylicious bitchimous

Carol said...

perfect!! they chose perfectly :) must be an awesome experience :)

Milena Bekalarska said...

beautiful girls !


Dorothée Thomson said...

Pretty cool , Also love the colors on this dress white and Green so clean...
Nice job !

Laura said...

So many beautiful girls, so much beautiful cloth <3

Mira said...

Wow that dress is amazing <3




Maud Schellekens said...

You are such an inspiration to me! You rock!



Luba Dimitrova said...

Nice Sandra ! I can´t wait to see more pictures from the summit !

XX Luba

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Fashiable said...

Great post. Love the first photo of you together!

Laura said...

You look amazing


Laura Girard said...

cute pics !
Kiss from Paris

Denisa said...

All of you looks great. Have a nice day.

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

Love the dress omg!
Great styling xx

Personal Style Blog By ORR

Anastassia K said...

Really cool how you made the look your own xx

Fiona Parfrey said...

Great shots, you love utterly fabulous as per usual!

Fiona xo

Valérie said...

I really love the pictures in this post! You look stunning as always :D

Great post!


Kate Brown said...

Great pics!

moustachic said...


Juliane D. said...

love this outfit and that picture of you is great!

Rhoda Wong said...

this looks like an amazing event and you're so well dressed for it!

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love your outfit!!

Sade BlackandOlive said...


tini tani said...

tini-tani BLOG

Marta said...

Fantastic pictures. Really love this post!!!


Looks like a fun time!

Maddy said...

Those racks are like heaven! hope you had an amazing time! xxx ♥

lanciacoriandoli said...

crazy dress!

Anna Black said...

This looks so cool, all my favourite bloggers!

cmbh said...

so many big names!

Jane said...

I love the first picture so much <3 A buch of stylish girls!

Marina said...

You look amazing!


Floortje van Cooten said...

Looks amazing!

Sandra Merino said...


theskullandbonesociety said...

love the colour blocking on this tunic and not afraid to pair it with a trouser.

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GEMMA said...

Such a lovely outfit:) Good job!

Check out my blog:

Love, Gemma

Вера А. said...

Everything looks so beautiful!

Sydney Corporate by LuisaM said...

wow!! your hair is outstanding

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