Friday, 18 January 2013

Visiting Bread & Butter

My tweet ‘Hi from Berlin’ was pretty much the only sign of life you saw from me during our quick visit last Tuesday. Me and Janne were invited by G-star to see their show that evening as well and meet the creative team over at the Bread & Butter trade show.

The trip, that leaned more towards pleasure than business as we went along flew by way too fast but when we sat down with  Remco de Nijs - Collection Stylist & Rebekka Bach, Women Design Manager it became quite clear to me that this team lives and breathes denim. I even think they’ve developed their own denim language because I almost had a hard time keeping up when team got down to the details. I was talked through everything from fabric and color innovations to the famous 3D fit and was impressed with the in-house teams strategy of leading the way of denim reinvention and letting the seasonal trend develop from the core of the brand identity. I guess it takes quite a lot of dedication to be this, well, dedicated to denim and that is definitely not lacking from anyone involved in the brand.

After the fair and some light refreshment (see last picture) we saw the fashion show that included denim capes, spat boots and Michael Madsen - to name a few personal highlights, but more on that later.


Jessica Silva said...

amazing pictures, as always! <3

Georgie Lowen said...

These pictures are fantastic!


Lily Josephine said...

This is an AMAZING blog, just thought i'd say :)

Leah Nielsen said...

Fantastic boots and bag!!

Closet of Idun


LOVE picture three, jeans in the making live - how fun is that?!

X Marjolein - Never Too

oksanaarmee4ka said...

Nice pictures! You look fabulous!

Valérie said...

Love these pictures! At first I thought Serena van der Woodsen was there too hahaha! :D So pretty! xx

Laura said...

Great post!


Laura Dittrich said...

Beautiful pictures! Your boots are awesome. x

Fashion Landscape

Anna Elisabeth said...

As always, you look gorgeous and the pictures are very nice!

Anna Elisabeth

Luba Dimitrova said...

Lucky you ! Enjoy !
Looking gorgeous as usual !

XX Luba

:: Well Living Blog :: posting a look from Antiq Palace in Ljubljana

Mi Mi Mendine said...

OHH näyttää upeelta !! Rakastan sun laukkua<3

MI MI MENDINE, blog about fashion, trends and inspiration

Laura Girard said...

Wow amazing pics !!
Check out my new post:

Skille said...

Kinda loving those boots. They give a nice Carrie Bradshawish feel :b

Adeola Naomi said...

Wonderful pictures!!!

Vasilieva said...

great shots

monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic captures!


Chahrazad said...

Stunning pictures.


Liz Lauren said...

such gorgeous pictures!!

Nathan Moy said...

WOW sandra, those shoes are fierce with a capital "F"!!! Great shots, gorge as always. We still needa catch up over coffee!! Bring Charlie along too. You should check out my Céline parody photoshoot, it's minimalist with Juergen Teller reference, do tell me what you think, even if it only provokes you a little! ;)

xx The Provoker

Tibs said...

Sounds like a really interesting visit!

Love your dress!

Mina H said...

love the concept! This looks like so much fun! Xx

Rhoda Wong said...

your hair looks so pretty!

Heidi said...

My words can't tell you how much I look up to you. <3

Chantelle said...

G star is wonderful, and I love how prominent it is in Europe whenever i visit for the summer.

The Style Engineer said...

such cool pictures! especially the first one- wow!
The whole setting is absolutely amazing, and you look so great! Fabulous outfit- very great post!


Jho R said...

brilliant photographs.

Natali said...

Awesome photos and you look amazing as always!

Carol said...

these shoes of yours, great choice ♥ hardly to imagine them on someone else but on you they look simply incredible ♥
kisses from

Denisa said...

You look really amazing and that boots are great. Have a nice weekend.

TaMiS ReCreandome said...

So wonderfull.... I love you style, and now I love so your hair style ;)

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

You look amazing!!

Coline Chavaroche said...

Amazing pics and you are very beautiful


Coline !

Sonja Lazukic said...

Beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You are in such great shape! What's your secret?

Camilla said...

Your boots are gorgeous Sandra!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Anna said...

You look perfect! Particularly loving your boots :)


Nicola Teague said...

I've been pleasantly shocked this morning. Another great blog.

The show looked like it was incredible, like a denim museum. Ironically, the one thing I really need right now is a pair of denim jeans. Bleurrh.

Glad I spotted this.

with love,
@ohsokitsch #osk

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Maiken said...

Looking good!

Beckerman Girls said...

Looks like a killer awesome show! Love how they show how the denim is being made and dyed....too cooll! And you look incredible!!! Those boots are sooo major! Happy weekend babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Melissa V said...

you looked amazing as always x

Vienna Wedekind said...

The boots are drop-dead gorgeous! AAANNND the bag!


Freya - Fashionable People said...

Incredible Margiela boots!

Lauren said...

I love sleeveless dresses in winter with boots! And, hearing about the reinvention of denim~

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Colleen Campbell said...

You look lovely in the dress with those boots and great pictures of your visit x

Jenna said...

You have the hair of a goddes!! It´s super long.


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Loving your boots.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

ponyhunter said...

Wow, this place looks incredible (almost as impressive as those Margiela boots!!)

Giu Lia said...

Looking like rel handcraft. Such nice shots. You look stunning...the waves are brilliant.

Samii said...

What a time!
Those shoes certainly grabbed my attention. Interesting... I want to see more.


Joy Oelen said...

bread and butter is super cool!

Saad Ali said...

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amalie said...

fuck. can i have your life?

JULES said...

I love your silver shoes the most!
you always amuse me with your show collection,
and i love your style, effortlessly chic!

xoxo, Jules
♥Come Visit My Blog♥

awriii said...

You're amaizing!

Andrea said...

i wish i could go there one day!! you look totally fabulous!

Maria Inês Ribeiro said...

love your blog! new follower!

Vale ♥ said...

I am in love with your boots !!! I need to catch up with the comments and those are amazing, really !

Fashion and Cookies

Sindy said...

looks like you had a fab time!!

I'm Just Me said...

amazing pictures & style!!!

Hussain Yousuf said...

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Shante` Morgan said...

I would do some unspeakable things for your shoe closet...I am always inspired by how you pair sporty with dressy. Love.

Prudence Iticka said...

you deserved blog of the year! youre one of my biggest inspiration.

Zaharenia and Konstantina Kav said...

Amazing outfits!
We will be very glad to follow each other on bloglovin and google.

Ellisthefashion said...

Hii babe!! I really like ur style.U choose beautiful things.I saw u like Micheal

I really want to buy one of items of him.Keep it up.Take care honey :))

Merve Akkus said...

So cute!



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