Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bruised but never broken - my most used boots

I admit that shiny new shoes pop up on this blog probably more than actually needed or you would want to see, so for a change I wanted to talk about an older pair. As we know I don’t really wear flats, so although I am constantly looking for the next amazing TDF shoe to ad to my collection, I’m always keeping an eye out for more comfortable pairs. From my ever growing collection that awakes both joy and guilt in me, these Laurence Dacade boots are the most comfortable. I bought them 3 or 4 years ago at a sample sale here in London. While my sister tried to talk me out of buying another pair that I again justified as ‘a great everyday shoe’ I knew these would be different. Not only of how comfortable they felt, but because of the slim shape and the fact that they sit tight on the ankle - usually the most comfortable heels are chunky.

So these have served me perfectly, never letting me down for the past few years, bearing in mind that they were samples and have never needed a fix at the cobbler. So not only did I want to praise these boots but maybe talk myself in to needing these in another color - that would be either the leopard, cream or studded ones, which brings us back to the first sentence.


Style by Bruno said...

I love those boots. They go greatly with everything for sure and must be much more comfortable than most heels


Camilla said...

oh those are so beautiful!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

ZxM Style-Squared said...

Wow, those have been used a lot!!!!;))) i have seen some great outfits with them!!!;)

Hannah Rose said...

Love these woooow! Please check out my little blog!


Juliane said...

Love the last sentence :) those boots are really nice!


Pamela Aminou said...

I've been dreaming about the Studded pair for a couple of months now. I agree with you though.

Liz Lauren said...

those are soo amazing!!


Denisa said...

That boots are so nice and comfortable. Have a great day,


judith said...

Como me gustan estas botas!!!!!

Melissa V said...

they look amazing, still. And they look perfect for everyday wear! x

Creativity&Chocolate said...

These boots are seriously perfect!! xx


elle s'appelle pauline said...




Maiken said...


Maite said...



Natali said...



Anna Bellaconscience said...

once you found boots like these..you never let them go...just like good friends...they walk with us through our lives


Mi Mi Mendine said...

Love them<3

MI MI MENDINE, blog about fashion, trends and inspiration

Coulda shoulda woulda said...

They are the perfect blend of fashion and classic, if I had smaller calves I would get them

Kristina Wilde said...

In my opinion you can NEVER have enough booties! These I would lovee to have.

Kristina Wilde


Laura said...

The used ones are the good ones, everybody knows that! ;-)

Valérie said...

I really like these boots, although I've never worn boots with heels. They look very comfy and cool! I'd love to wear them :) xx

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love the studded ones!!

Carol said...

Dacade's boots look the best !!!!!!!


Tessa: said...

You indeed have way too many shoes! But I do like them, these are more the kind of shoes I normally wear though. I like that you show us the most beloved ones, they are beautiful!

Rothaariges said...

Amazing boots!

Maddy said...

Love the buckles on these! xxx

OnePlusTwo said...

Lovelly boots!


monkeyshines ♥ said...

fantastic pair!


Jesse said...

If you ask me, shiney and polished and new is fine, but there's just nothing like a broken-in, well-worn pair of shoes or boots!

- Jesse
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100%soie said...

ooh my God, these boots are perfect ! I can't wait to see them with an outfit !!!


Soulofashopper said...

they are gorgeous even if they´re old... ;) xo, Alma

Scatter Girl said...

Incredible shoes! i love the buckles! xx


Nesrin Bozlak said...

These boots are amazing! Can't wait to see how you're going to style it!



Lydia Rose said...

I love bits of clothing that you keep for years
herlux fashion

Anonymous said...

mun sydän särkyi kun katsoin hintaa, noi on täydellisimmät kengät mitä olen nähnyt. Itsellä ei vaan millään priorisointikaan riitä noiden ostoon..,

Domonique Wilson said...

They look soooo comfortable- boots are so dreamy when they're worn in :)



Natalie said...

Amazing. I'm still looking for my pair of go-to boots! I love the style of these.

xo Natalie

Chahrazad said...

I can understand why. They are lovely!


Alyx Sara said...

Nothing like a healed black boot.


Fiona Parfrey said...

They probably look even better now than they do when you first bought them, love the worn in look that comes with leather over time! Such a perfect staple item for your closet! Just goes to show - never let anyone talk you out of getting new shoes ;)

Fiona xo

Genya Polianskaia said...

haha aint you glad you got them!! Great choice for sure... they are very 'you' as well!

Nathan Moy said...

Super incred booties, rock them up! You should check out my denim on denim on neon kidult look, which sort of looks like Peter Pan gave me a makeover... tell me what you think of it even if it only provokes you a bit ;)

xx The Provoker

Dominika Mrázová said...

great shoes!! look very comfort


Leah Nielsen said...

definitely can't go wrong with a comfortable pair of boots that hold up to everyday use :) they look great too!

Airene said...

Indeed, and so true! It´s nice to have some comfortable shoes, specially some that could last for a long time.

xo, airene

Oroma Roxella Rukevwe said...

They're beautiful

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Laura Girard said...

Love them !
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Vicki H said...

they look amazing! just the perfect pair of shoes. xx


Love the boots, its great when you have a pair of shoes that go with everything AND are comfortable!


Zsa Zsa Zsú said...

¡Son geniales!


Rhoda Wong said...

nothing more to say than perfection!


Sindy said...

love boots that last for years and are great staples!


Anonymous said...

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AhkaVintage said...

I want.

Lindsey said...

These boots are amazing! I love.

90saddiction said...

soooo grunge and chic
loove it


Kacie Cone said...

Those are BEAUTIFUL shoes!

Lauren said...

I agree~ the older the better when it comes to boots!

-Lauren at adorn la femme

Pavla Cabáková said...

lovely shoes!!^^


Nastya Maček said...

They look amazing:9 I absolutely love black shoes :)


Love, Nastya!

Joy Oelen said...

and they still looks amazing

Joy Oelen said...

and they still looks amazing

Samii said...

Woah. Those are sort of awesome. Great find!



Girish G said...

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Mira said...

Love the leo and the studded pair but they are too pricey for me :-(



Fashion Recession said...

For what it is worth, I am in love with the leo ones. But they are also the most expensive, but that won't be a problem for you ;-)

Jho R said...

Nice. i'm really into these shoes.


Style StreetStalker said...

Just divine - i've been gagging for a pair of these for such a long time!


Maggie Adofo said...

lol those definitely look like one of those 'ol faithful pairs. Surprised it lasted this long since it was a sample.

Love Scrapbook

Street Fashion Paris said...

Pretty hot shoes!!!

Fashion Drug said...

Gorgeous boots!

Lots of love,
Maria (FashionDrug)

Mary(Poppins) said...

i love this shoes
Mary <3

Anonymous said...

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FashionIsTheLimit said...

Amazing blog!!

Marta said...

Perfect! Great boots! ♥



They seem so perfect, the studded version is on my wish list for a while now...

X Marjolein - Never Too Polished.com

B.A.D said...

super cool boots! love them<3

courtney trop said...

Ugh these boots are so amaze, I've been wanting the studded ones forever! Good purchase?



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Love the boots, they are really fabulous and those would go right with my short skirt. Thanks for giving me an idea. Great blog!

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Maria Inês Ribeiro said...

lvoe the boots :)


Chantelle said...

Gorgeous boots. I love wearing in my leather too.

Camilla from Pouf! Magazine said...

These shoes are absolutely amazing! Where can I get them?
/ Camilla from Pouf! Magazine

Camilla from Pouf! Magazine said...

Wow, Amazing!

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Shytina Love said...

Love the boots but i couldn't help but notice your floors! lol, i believe you mentioned you were renovating you're place. if this isn't the way you are keeping the floors i cant wait to see whats next :)

wllwproject said...

They could dress up the plainest outfit! Nice boots :)

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Naomi said...

Perfect!! Pretty and versatile!

Timo Wenschuch said...

Perfect! wow
I like it, pretty much :)


Kirsty Lee said...

I konw they are always gorgeous no matter how old are they :)


Anonymous said...

they are tall heels

Bettina said...

Being able to find those beauties at a sample sale, and in black! So lucky!

bansh said...

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