Saturday, 10 November 2012

Overly oversized

MMM x H&M coat
H&M mens knit
ACNE pants
MMM x H&M bag

Leave it to Margiela to lead the way on the whole oversized movement. This coat is no exception and with it only coming in one size, I’m drowning but that’s exactly how it should be. With high heels you can get away with things like this - my mantra.


ELLA said...

ohhh! love it ♥

Z said...

The coat is amazing!! It's right up my street

New stop motion post - Nelly Shoes

Mary-Kate said...

Master coat!!!

Joyce Lau said...

BIG COAT!! Good Mantra haha!!

Joyce xxx
Come and visit my blog :)
Sunshine & Rain

Mi Mi Mendine said...

loving the outfit<3 olet niin suuri inspiraation lähde<3

Natali said...

Fabulous coat and bag! I'm impressed with this outfit :)

Marta said...

I just knew you're going to have that coat! Oversize is my favourite thing, i love it

Laura Dittrich said...

The coat is impressively beautiful! It's my favourite piece from the MMMXHM collection x

Fashion Landscape

sweet road said...

Wow, I bet that coat is super warm

Marta said...

Can't wait for MMM x H&M!

Nora said...

I really love the coat and the bag! they are sooo beautiful!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

wonderful caot!


EstiloSierra said...

Love your heels and the trousers in combinition with your coat! Great!

ZxM Style-Squared said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How f*ckin cool is that coat!!!WOW!
Comfort meets coolness -cannot get any better than that!!!;)))Absolutely adore, gotta have it!!!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love your heels! :)

Dylana Suarez said...

Super lovely blog!


Camilla said...

that is brilliant!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Iida said...

That MMM coat is brilliant, wow!

Liz Lauren said...

love the acne pants and the stell boots! they're so cute!!! I love this outfit!

Tine said...


Kiki Lehin said...

Wow! This is amazing!

Creativity&Chocolate said...

That coat is absolutely perfect and love it with the trousers and boots! xx

Lauren Williams said...

I live in oversized everything. You are rocking this coat!

x lauren

Melissa said...

Honestly, I'm not sure I'm feeling the super-oversized look. You styled it perfectly but it's just not my thing. I'm definitely in love with those heels though

Fashion En Vie said...

Oh wow, you can definitely get away with it!


MellowYellow said...

love the coat ! xoxo

Fashiable said...

I love every single item in your outfit, great combination!

Tessa: said...

It's quite huge, but you look great in it though!

Heidi Tuominen said...

I love the coat! Could you send it to m? :D xx

betty said...

Tots In love with the boots meeee

Xeana said...

Great outfit! I like your boots!


el_martina said...

your coat is perfect!!!!

Riley Ellise said...

Wicked outfit! x


Denisa said...

Really great. And I like your pants. Perfect. Have a nice weekend.

Juliane C.G. said...

incredible coat!

Kelly Jaspers said...

Those boots are so amazing:)! And that coat looks amazing on you:)


TeuntjeVDW said...

OMG, you look AMAZING! xx.

kcomekarolina said...

this is so fab!

xoxo from rome

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

love ur shoes! X

blog mode Laura said...

Wow, amazing coat! SO gorgeous!

Soulofashopper said...

love the coat, the bag...and the boots definitely look stunning! xo, Alma


so into the oversized look! you are rocking that coat!!

Mari said...

oh so cool:) love it!!

Am2Pm Chic said...

Love the oversize look, and such a unique bag !!!

ania cyk said...

that's a big coat! you look amazing in it, makes the look and it's so original! first time I see it, though everybody post the MArgiela collection

midwest class said...

everything about this is perfect, work that coat girl. and thaaat bag needs to get in my closet asap! its too cool to not wear absolutely everywhere.

Bruna Araújo said...

Adorei o blog, muito lindo, amei tudo. Parabéns mesmo, vou sempre estar aqui (:


wow! i'm a curvy lady so i don't know if that would work on me, but on you it looks superb!

Ella said...

love the coat, and the location...its right up the street from me xx

Adeola Naomi said...

I am in love with the coat!!!

Nena said...

Wow great look!

Carola Disiot said...

beautiful capture!!! love this collection mmm x hm !

amalie said...

that coat is freaking gorgeous!!

Estelle La Mode said...

Love the oversized coat, it looks so cozy!


Linda Famularcano said...

I love oversized coats,
but I love your shoes more!

Did you in these photos...
You look like Penny from The Big Bang Theory?

P.S. Liked this post on Bloglovin ;)

Hillary Gail Stewart said...

This is beautiful, I love this outfit!

The coat is beyond fabulous. Oversized is amaze.


Hillary @

Lam - Style said...

You are right it's overly over sized, very nice look!

Pili's style said...

I am dying looking at your shoes! they are so gorgeous! And the coat? This is what I call oversized! Awesome!

Kate K-Lo said...

looks great! LOVE the bag x

The Urban Promeneur said...

wow, this literally is oversized.

Anonymous said...

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pure Cane Sugar said...

That coat is just to die for. You look so warm and cozy!
Hope you have an amazing weekend.

Rola said...

It reminds me when I used to borrow my grandfather's clothes. You make it work!

Mariana Branício said...

Wow you look amazing! I wouldn't be able to pull it off but you do it so well.
Do stop by my blog, I've got a new post.
x Mariana |

jessica-anne said...

Wow, when you say oversized, you weren't kidding!! But I love this look, especially since your other pieces are fitted, so it balances out. I bet it would be a super cosy coat in the cold weather :)

Pop by and visit my blog Taken By Surprise! xx

yvonne said...

looks so cozy and chic!

ASparklyHanger said...

i didn't like the oversied coat before, but your perfect styling makes it look great! said...

Love the oversized coat!
And beautiful pants!


In my arse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

Amazing bag!!

xx Anne

Freya - Fashionable People said...

Stunning coat by MMM for H&M! Love the androgynous style.

Floortje van Cooten said...

WOw great!

Leila Mekhdiyeva said...

amazing coat!!

xx Leila

Fashion Recession said...

You look great in that overly oversized. Indeed High heels make us women get away with a lot!!


Vienna Wedekind said...

oversized perfection! I’m speechless!


Mira said...

Really awesome look. Love the boots. They really rock <3


kuti said...



yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Great look! I love your coat! XX

H, said...

Very gorgeous coat,suits you perfectly! xoxo.

The Merchant Project said...

so fresh

Nathan Moy said...

Now THAT'S what I call OVERSIZED :) SOOOO COOL!! :D Btw, I recently did an outfit post in an underground garage; I'm a guy and I'd be featuring crochet shorts and a floral blazer, but I made it sporty, you've gotta' check it out! I promise it's trendy not tranny lol.

xx The Provoker

Laura said...

Great coat, love the oversize trend:)

Bonnie,Clyde and Marni..... said...

Love the coat!!

tini tani said...


linsey sijmons said...

Gosh, those boots are to DIE for! <3


Charlotte said...

amazing outfit! the coat is awesome x

That Girl said...

Louving the shoes

Nerea Rodríguez Martínez said...

Love these boots and how you wear them with the amazing xxl coat, you're lovely! xx

Romina C. said...

The Margiela x H&M fits you the best! You have such a great style. x Romi

Sweetmona said...

Your look is amezing!!!

justgoshopping ada lisa said...

beautiful girl and beautiful outfit! From now on I will follow you kisses Ada&Lisa

Joanne Christina said...

You suite the over sized look so much.

Joanne Christina said...

You suite the over sized look so much.

Timegonemay said...

Amazing oversize coat!!
and also the bag, maybe I can use it as a clutch^^
Can't wait for the collection!!
You did such a great job on the mix items, with the heels too!!

I Z A B E L A said...

oooohhhhh that coat is dreamy... xo

Frank Vinyl said...

gorgeous girl!

Nadine said...

I love your Stella McCartney boots, oversized coat and your whole blog in general, as well as your interviews - they are very imformative and helpful!I was really excited seeing you alongside other power bloggers in real life at the Topshop show in London. My blog:
Best, Nadine

Isa said...

This outfit is somehow very Tim Burton... perhaps it's the pinstripes? Haha, lovely mantra.

annainfashion said...


WILD FOX. said...


Anonymous said...

Great, so great

your blog is great always!!!

nastja said...

5 inch annd up is the new awesome!

Anonymous said...

Love Love Love the coat... AMAZING!


Katherine Steven said...

lovely coat with stylish hand bag! its really looking amazing to wear good quality fashion jackets with stylish footwear and handbag!

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Gorgeous coat! Love the boots too!

Designer Handbags- Queen Bee of Beverly Hills said...

Love this oversized coat! So warm and cozy and perfect.

Grietje Vermoortele said...

Love your oversized look!


sepatuholic said...

it is indeed super super supersize you!

Laura Alksne said...

an I thought mine was too big, haha

The Style Engineer said...

That coat looks absolutely amazing on you!


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London Escorts said...

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