Thursday, 20 September 2012

Backstage at Topshop Unique

A few shots backstage from the Topshop Unique SS13 show, just minutes before it all kicked off at Bedford Square last Sunday. Clean, sleek and minimal, quite the opposite to last seasons utility layering. However, one thing remained - the wearable approach left me desiring for most of the pieces while the mature take on subtle prints with a reference to Helmut Lang made sure that casual comfort would continue to be a priority in my spring wardrobe.

catwalk images via


Marina :) said...

Shoes are beautiful.

monkeyshines ♥ said...

stunning heels!


The Fancy Teacup said...

Such beautiful, fascinating heels!


Great pieces :)

Lauren Williams said...

I'm so in love with Unique. Great pictures, so cool!

xx lauren

Fashion Recession said...

Really loving the cream pumps with pointy
nose. Very great and chique essemble for ss13!!


Irene's Closet said...

in love with those pics!

Natali said...

Cool photos, thanks for sharing!

britt said...

yeah the white heels need to be mine now.

Liz Lauren said...

shoes<3 love the pictures

Adele said...

those shoes, accessories and looK.. fantastic!

Rachel Michelle said...

Amazing photos. Love how sleek the outfits are. Stunning. x

Laura said...

I like the nude heels and the necklaces <3

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ZHENYA said...



ZxM Style-Squared said...

love the white skirt!!!

Aleksandra said...

Amazing shoes !!!

Vanessa - said...

Very beautiful shoes... - really wonderful...

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Van - * My Youtube Videos

Sofia - As We Travel said...

Definitely wearable, if a little boring :)

Xeana said...

Wow! Fabulous! I love shoes!


Krissy ~ said...

ahh love the shoes!
Krissy xoxo

Ros.E. said...

so lovely shoes and accessories...
xxx Ros.e.

Nora said...

So cool!

Fashion En Vie said...

Beautiful photos, the heels look very pretty!

Daniela Macsim said...

All of this shoes are fantastic!


I like these shoes

Miss Lou said...

Wowwwwww!! Nice pics of the backstage!!! NICE COLLECTION!


Mira said...

A shoe dream come true!!! Thanks for sharing :D



GIULIA said...


The Garage Starlets said...

Love the collection :)


Miss Molly said...

so incredible!

Yağmur Yücel said...

nice heels


Creativity&Chocolate said...

LOved the show! Great pieces!

Luba Dimitrova said...

Great collection !

XX Luba

New outfit post :: raspberry jeans by Victoria Beckham

Reptilia said...

I want all these pieces!!!

Amazing collection!!


Ln said...

That looks amazing!


Emma Westbrook said...

Amazing photos. I definitely need a pair of those shoes for next summer!

Alessia TheChicolat said...



Desiree Choo said...

Love those heels!

WNY said...

Love the shoes and accessories! Xo

- -

Aisha Jimoh said...

Lovely shots! The shoes are gorgeous!

Blush said...

Love these heels!


agNeSSka said...

Great collections.

sepatuholic said...

Life is though! look at all those shoes, how can we survive from all that beautiful choices?

RichLittlePoorGirl said...

omg im obsessed with these shooessss!!!!

love your blog, i'll def be back :)

want to follow each other??

Diane said...

the shoes are so fabulous!

amalie said...

tophop uniqueee: loveeee

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Love the shoes!

AmyArisse. said...

such a great collection, can't wait for it to get in stores!

xx Amy.

r.a.j.e. said...

What a gorgeous post! I love the last look, simply styled but looks amazing!
R x

Miss pixie said...

Nice stuff! Especially the shoes :)

Opalintheclouds said...

Beautiful accessories! Love the shoes and jewellery xx

Vasilieva said...

the shoes are just brilliant. loving all the multi strapping

linsey sijmons said...

Nice shots you made!


Fashiable said...

Great detail photos! Love the collection

mirjam schuurkamp said...

i LOVE it!

New outfit post ; full of spikes

DryyCleanOnly said...

TopShop does it again. going to be a main component in my closet this fall i think

soulofashopper said...

Amazing shoes!!!! :) xo, Alma

Mackenzie said...

I love the feminine draping and fit of these garments. Sleek, sexy and chic

Laura L. said...

Looks like really cool stuff..
Another reason to go shopping.

Anna Jażdziewska said...

amazing pictures

FashionFlirt said...

Great post, thanks for sharing! XX


SIMONE said...




Lauren Kealy said...

Love the simplicity of these pieces after seeing so many items overdone with embellishment this year it's so refreshing! lovely post


Daisy Roadster and Coco said...

I like the white heels !

In The Checkout Line said...

In The Checkout Line

In The Checkout Line

In The Checkout Line

Brita said...

I gotta have one of each pair of those shoes!!! Especially the pointy toe see through ones :)

Nyrha said...

Stunning pics!

Segara Helene said...

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Dark Blue Stripes said...

The shoes are gorgeous! Love the crisp clean shapes.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

K.C. said...

It looks great!

Rute Pereira said...

What a amazing shoes! I really loved your blog, it's simply amazing dear :)

I'm now following. Kisses from Portugal*

Lateybirdy said...

soo soo cool!



B. said...

I really like Topshop and the new unique collection is so great. I love it :)

Marine said...

Beautiful :D

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