Thursday, 16 August 2012

Champs-Élysées champs

IRO waistcoat
RAN-BAN sunglasses


I photographed this casual Stylestalker tee outside the house we are renovation back home in Finland (not to be confused with the flat I’m doing up in London, they have a slight difference in size...) After walking through the building-site with my dad (and wearing a helmet) he lectured me how far I am from being allowed to climb the scaffolding on my own to what I answered something like ‘yes, I’m not 14 anymore’. Fast forward a few hours when I asked my bf to take a few photos, I got a great idea where to go. I guess seeking some excitement is natural after the standard 12 hour workday in front of the computer.

Anyway the post name because of the Paris inspired Stylestalker collection which is awesome!


Camilla said...

that top is so cute!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

helen at thelovecatsINC said...

beautiful photos as always!

from helen at // @thelovecatsinc

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Laura said...

I used to not like these Alexander Wang heels very much but somehow this outfit has convinced me that they are uber-cool ! :)

Lucija said...

omg gorgeous!!

SAMANTHA said...

Love the casual vibe of this outfit, and obsessed with the Stylestalker top! Gorgeous.


Kiwi Fashion Blog said...

I love this casual chic look! So relaxing and comfy!

Anonymous said...

adore your Skywatch! <3

the sisberry blog said...

You're so stylish! :D

Liz Lauren said...

very cute! love the jacket!

Iren P said...

Love this sporty look! And your shoes- they are gorgeous!!!

Xoxo Iren

sequin said...

very nice <3

Mónica C. Welton said...


soulofashopper said...

love the shoes!!!! xo, Alma

Mr kane said...

Fab Shoots!
Fab Outfit!
Fab Denim!


HeyDahye said...

Great idea to shoot pics on the construction site! Looks so cool!

Laura Collins said...

Your top looks really nice but comfy! You pull off the sporty trend very well! xx

ellen. said...

Love this denim vest- so awesome. I want one! :)

Winter Chernak said...

I'm obsessed with your bun it's perfect! Love this post and setting. xo W
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Scaling scafolding in heels, well done! Your making sporty look sexy as hell, man I love those shoes!

Theresa said...

Such a cool locale for photos. Loving the whole industrial vibe. Those Wangs are amazing and love how they're the perfect accent for that outfit!


The Habit

monkeyshines ♥ said...

casual chic!


Anna said...

Cant wait to get my hands on this tee. Such a winner!


Juls said...

your are lovely and i love the outfit.

M. said...

you do an excellent job mixing athletic, casual, and one of a kind pieces! you are awesome!

marina c said...

crazy about those shoes!!!!

Crystal Ashtrays said...

I love these heels! To die for
Fi & Bronte

nicole said...

oh, what great photos! envy envy! and you, stunning as ever!


kate funk said...

You have amazing legs!!! You look awesome. Love these pics.

Michelleesque said...

I love your tee, shorts, and heels combination!


A Mode World said...

Love this look - especially the waistcoat and Wang sandals. xA

A Mode World said...
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Style Grenade said...

I really love your blog Sandra! :) Your style is so cool and beautiful. You always revamp a simple outfit. I hope you can visit Philippines too. I've seen before that you went to Thailand.

xx Diana

Perpetuity said...

Love a sporty look with heels!

jae said...

Great pictures! Casual chic looks great on you.

Veronica said...

Very industrial-love the contrast.

xx Veronica

Splendidjanie! said...

Cool outfit! I love every aspect of it!

Mint. said...

Love this! Sporty + girly at the same time.


The Fancy Teacup said...

Such a fantastic and chic combination! Love the layering with the tee.

Natali said...

Fabulous photos, gorgeous shoes!

Rebekah Wing. said...

amazing combination and i love your shoes and the photography is amazing *_*

xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

Mari-Liis Suvi said...

I adore this look, loving the vest!

Jessica W said...

Ahhh love it
These photos are worth the risk!
The Lovelorn

Kate {Modette} said...

Your hair looks beautiful like that! x

Kate {Modette}

Hilda Nicholas said...

Oh... These photos are just stellar. Outstanding. And I love your hair up like that.

Adele said...

Love the photos & lusting after your Alexander Wangs!
Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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modelovers said...

Perfect Look!

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Christina Mojica said...

Love this whole look! The heels add a bit of a kick to the rest of laid back outfit.

I'm a relatively new blogger and I'm always looking for ways to improve my own site. Thanks for providing inspiration on yours!

If you have time, would you mind checking out my blog? It would mean a lot to me because I need all the feedback I can get!

Thanks and happy blogging!


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Polly said...

lovely look)

Polly with love

Ann Eprintseva said...

i love your blog <3 Great outfit!!!!

Irene's Closet said...

nice pictures and I'm in love with your shoes!


Anneli M. said...

I adore your simple, casual style. Love the background of the pics too! :)

Anneli x

Laura said...

Great pictures! I like this mix of sporty and chic :-)

Marta said...

I love the tshirt and the waistcoat! and i'm so jealous of your bon x

fashion is what i call happiness said...

I love everything about this outfit!
Although how did you manage to walk through a building site in heels?

Van - said...

Very great outfit... wonderful styling....

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

You pull off this casual look like a pro.
Mom Fitness Journal | Beauty and Fashion in Seattle | Cheap Makeup Reviews


i like your style, it's different and cool


Daniela Macsim said...

Lovely shoot!

C said...

Not just the collection is awesome, you are! :D

Mira said...

That outfit is so cool :D

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So Charming said...

LOVE the shoes!!!

Xeana said...

Great outfit. The combination of sports and classic.


Luba Dimitrova said...

just love it ! stunning outfit !
XX Luba
Well Living Blog

pia said...


Creativity&Chocolate said...

Awesome outfit! Love the top and great combination with the denim vest and shorts!

Giulia Trento said...

I love your hair here! they look fabulous xx

Francesca Rose said...

such a cool outfit. You look beautiful too!

Francesca xo

Jacynta Walsh said...

i'm awful with heights. you are far more brave than i am! hee hee!

Joanne Christina said...

You always find such interesting places to shoot your photos.

Theresa said...

Nice hair!

Laura said...

I so looove your shoes


bloo90fashion said...

Such a beautiful set !! ;-)


Julie Mitzie said...

you look amazing!!

bubblybeccy said...

Fab look! Takes some skills to tackle
that location in heels I bet! haha

Fancy checking out my new post?

Muchos Smiles,
bb, xoxo

Sandra said...

Sandra, you are pure perfection! I just love love love your blog :))))

I'm just wondering if you ever read these tons of comments, or we are commenting just for ourselves :D


Stop by - Where are my keys?

Anonymous said...

I also read your blog (and your tweets!), so STAY OFF the scaffolds with those heels, and WEAR the helmet when you are on the site. There is good reason for both!
Your (loving) Dad

Diane said...

such a casual/cool outfit...and the hills are so killer. love this look!

Honorata said...

Cool pics, you look so good in shorts:)

Lúcia said...

love the pic and the casual outfit!

Ln said...

Beautiful pictures!

Check out my new blog The Closet I Love!

Swapnil said...

sporty chic and that a wang heels are lush


Jessica said...

i love the shirt! i've been looking for a similar forever. xx

Shinly Fransisca said...

i love your jacket <3

Dámaris said...

Wow! Cool! You look so pretty! I love the outfit and your hair.


Victorie said...

amazing !

Jenaly Enns said...

love love love this outfit!!!

Weronika Kapała said...

amazing <3

Emma Louise Layla said...

Love this relaxed yet stylish outfit, it's one of my favourites of yours! Emma Louise Layla Xx

Karolina Chudek said...

you look amazing! love this outfit!:)

Andrea said...

great outfit & pics!

Kadi Eller said...

I love your style! :)

Janet Mandell said...

Love this casual chic style. Your hair is so cool. I could never do it to look like that.

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Ria said...

These shots are great, glad you ventured up on the scaffold.

Olivia Burn said...

Lovely outfit! Your hair looks amazing! x

jennifer said...

Absolutely love this outfit, and god you have the most amazing legs! x

iremi nisces said...

thx come see

Laylatul Jaaizah - The Night Preceding Eid-ul-Fitr

Mimi Walker said...

You have no idea how much I admire your style: xx

gaby said...

Great, creative photos !!
Amazing shoes !!


Marcela Jezkova said...

Wow!..amazing shoes...absolutely...M*

Nena said...

I love this outfit!

Yasemin said...

Great outfit. Your hair looks great too. Make a hair tutorial maybe? I really need this kind of messy updos :)

StyleNonsense said...

I Loooove Vests, Denim, Leather!

FJ said...

Totally fabulous outfit. Too cool!

FJ said...

Totally fabulous outfit. Too cool!

Thefashionguitar said...

In love with those shoes!!


Anonymous said...

i love the whole outfit! especially the waistcoat!!!! :)

Ali Berger said...

Fabulous! So glad I came across your blog!! xo

thezenit said...

Great outfit!
xx frà

Shinly Fransisca said...

you look so beautiful <3

Anonymous said...





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