Sunday, 19 February 2012

What I wore on day one

 h&m jacket
old jeans
jimmy choo shoes
dants gloves

pictures by Jen, 2 & 6 by Carrie

I wore a sweet mix of blue and green on day one of LFW. I had to keep it somewhat simple whilst running around shooting backstage. I've been wanting to wear white gloves for ages, inspired by the golfer boyfriend of course. Turns out a pair of whites were bit hard to find but these blue ones turned out even better.



blue roses said...

i would imagine white would get gungy and grimy very quickly.... the powder blue are golfer meets disco!

love the bag. stunning.

Benedicte MAGEN said...

Totally in love !!!

Lia said...

the color of those gloves are awesome!

Glass of Fashion

Resty said...

Your look is stunning and effortless:)

pinkmate said...

love the bag and the gloves!


The Fancy Teacup said...

That space dye blazer is magnificent. x

lucia m said...

amazing jacket!!

Wunmi W-A said...

Pretty sick outfit!! different but sick.
and i mean sick in a good way.


Natali said...

Wonderful! Love this boyish outfit, your gloves and jeans especially :)

Francesca said...

You always have the most amazing handbags <3

Genie said...

I never would've thought that blue golfer gloves could look so cool! Love your outfit.


C A T H said...

thanks for sharing Jen's blog, Sandra!! really love all of her photos. one of them...the alien man in green really stands out. whoa~ btw your dants gloves are super cute. I just like the texture and colour of it. they look ultra warm and ultra comfy for all day wear hehe^^
have a fabulously fancy week in London Sandra :D looking forward to your future updates,

Style Hostess

Camilla said...

amazing jacket :)

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

Mari-Liis Suvi said...

You look gorgeous and you have the most amazing hair ever!

kristina said...

love your style as i was saying!

Thrift_Queen said...

cute pastel colors :)

The life after said...

The jacket is super nice!

The Life After

Leslie-Lucile said...

Love your gloves, your jean, your shoes... I mean J'AIME :)
Nice picture by the way...

MRSKA said...

Absolutely love this.

Pasarela said...

Perfect gloves,totally in love with the colour

Anneli M. said...

What a wonderful look! I would have never thought of teaming an elegant pastel-coloured jacket with distressed jeans but it so works!

Anneli xx

annemie said...

love these gloves! ♥

Estherina said...

Stunning jacket!

Step into Estherina's World

Honorata said...

Awesome outfit!

Ulla-Marie said...

Perfect look. You do not appear to freeze, and yet it's a fresh springlook.

my very own lookbook said...

i love your jacket and gloves!


Zoё said...

The blue gloves are really interesting and work well with the jacket. Love the jeans too, looking great!

Marina said...

Love your look! <33

xoxo M.

JANICE said...

never thought color gloves can look so good!


bloo. said...

Great photos ;-)
You look amazing!


Ria :) said...

i love ur gloves :) xxx

alexsandra g. said...

Love it, stunning!


Creativity&Chocolate said...

Amazing look! Tried the blazer on myself but just didn't fit me that well as it fits you . Love the gloves!

The Fashion Cloud said...

gorgeous pictures, that is one good cameraman(woman) :)

and that jacket is just perfect, talking of the jacket I actually featured you along with two other bloggers wearing it on my blog:

Hope you like it!



Laura said...

love the bag!

el_martina said...

this is perfect jacket!!!! great look!

Amie K said...

looking wonderful as ever Sandra

Love Amie

Kaśq. said...

you look awsome ;-)) !

emma said...

ihanat noi sormikkaat:)

fashiongamble said...

looks super cute!

Aleksa Marić said...

Those gloves looks adorable, adore the color!

Beth said...

love this jumper and jacket!X

Laura said...

Perfect jacket honey! Nice outfit!


Alex said...

Those gloves are really very chic. And the colour is more original than white ones.

Katariina said...

Loving it!

Raspberry and Rouge said...

Absolutely LOVE the jacket with the gloves! Perfect! Happy sunday! XO Rebecca

Frilly Socks And Docs said...

I love the pastels xx

miikax3 said...

amazing look! i love it :))

lucillejoy said...

Perfect spring colours here, so fresh and pretty! Big fan of the golfer gloves and your bag!

Sandy said...

Love the jacket :)

Ruby And Siel said...

Love the gloves! :)

chiikalivelovelaugh said...

i love your gloves, i think they're even better than white...they're such a fresh color of blue that they're brighter than white...if that makes any sense (:
xoxo Stephi

Lara said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the jacket, you look great!!!!

The Purse Snatcher said...

You look great, I love the jacket!

Malena said...

The jacket is absolutely great!

Elisa said...

your gloves are gorgeous!

Bri said...

Amazing jacket and gloves!

-telmasofia said...

Just perfect, I love the combination of the colours and your gloves are so cute*

alivingdiary said...

i like how tailored yet laid back this outfit is. those gloves are amazing, and that blazer/coat gives it a very equestrian meets town girl feel.

Angie said...

love the colours! :)

tiphaine said...

this is really great :)


in love with your hair!

Lua said...

The gloves makes the outfit even more special and beautiful!

Tina said...

love those gloves!

WatZeDraagt said...

Loves it!!!

Dutch Blossom said...


AErauw said...

That's a great look! Have fun on LFW!

XO Aline

Edye and Martyn said...

you have great style! But we dont like this jeans

Eesh said...

Effortlessly gorgeous. Is that a tweed jacket? I love it!

eddie said...

amazing <3

Natalie said...

Love the gloves, jumper, jacket... great pieces...

Visit the shiny brand new blog & let me know what you think... I've published my third look.

To keep updated and see what I post next you can Google friend connect with me, follow me on Bloglovin or Twitter @offdutychic

Abi Tottenham-Smith said...

amazing outfit, i love the mint gloves!! xx

Maja said...

i love all of it..and I love how you make old jeans looks so amazing, always :)
can't wait to see more of your looks

Memories from (fashion) wonderland said...

Amazing as always :)!!

Vasilieva said...

loving the spring vibe in your outfit, awesome

Reptilia said...

LOVE that look!

The jacket is amazing!!



Amazing outfit! Your heels are so beautifull!

FashionStarvedTeen said...

Lovely outfit!!

Fashiable said...

I want that jacket so bad! And I love that bag, it's perfect for every look!

Tanja van S - said...

Love your outfit and the combination with the light blue gloves... wonderful!

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Tanja - or via Bloglovin

effortlesscool said...

cute layering up top!

XO Sahra

effortlesscool said...

cute layering up top!

XO Sahra

monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful jacket, gorgeous colors!


Raquel said...

Amazing! I love your gloves!

Eva said...

You look so cool and fresh, love the outfit! :)

nyloncake said...

simply amazing!
so stylish!!!

la-dolce-vita-meets-fashion said...

I adore the gloves and especially the bag!

Amazing look!

xxx, Sarah

Princess Angeles said...

I love the colour of the jacket. Really really nice!

Paula said...

Love the jacket and the gloves!!!! Right colour!! said...

I have the coat too! I'm love with it.. if that's possible. hahaha

Thrill Of The Chaise said...

I think I'll have to order those blue gloves. They are adorable!


Ally said...

Those gloves are to die for! Amazing outfit overall.. I love the sweet pastels with the black booties and great jeans!

G.O.T. said...

Lovely look :) Very, very, vey nice gloves and jacket!
xx Ale

lisa signorini said...

Jacket and gloves are simply perfect!!!
have a wonderful Sunday!

Minna said...

Ihana neule!


jenaly enns said...

great outfit as always

Sabrina said...

beautiful outfit!!!

Freaky Friday

Freaky Friday FB FanPage

Andrea said...

wonderful jacket and i adore the colour of the gloves!

WearAbouts said...

gorgeous jacket! love your pale blue gloves :)
Be sure to enter my giveaway!!

IstyleD said...

Lovely combination. Love your style.

patrycja2407 said...

I love this jacket !

eloiselabetise said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love your sweater, your jeans and your shoes! xxx

red city said...

love your jacket

Hira said...

Your gloves are AMAZING

I'm Just Me said...

love the gloves & jacket!! amazing outfit!! :)

Highheels and Nothingtowear said...

Cool combination with the very popular HM jacket! XO Dianne

Femke. said...

Your beautiful! :)
And I love this look,, along with all your others haha! <3


Nee said...

this jacket looks super cool:)


sabrina said...

your jeans are zara! i have one of that!

DNA (designers+artists) said...

Those gloves are so cool!

Allison Young said...

great outfit!

anna said...

love this jacket and the whole outfit. the jacket is in shop now or is an old one?

Dreaming of Chanel said...

I've seen your photos on a website - London Fashion Week street style ... You look fab !! I absolutely love those blue glacier gloves !! Congrats darling !! xx

rpayne said...

love it all but those gloves make the whole look complete for me!

just started my own style blog and it's in some need of more lovin'! come check it out!


Julia Sandman said...

Looks Good.


Meganne said...

Great mix of colors, adds a bright touch to the otherwise grey weather in Europe.

Material Fixations

~Cleo~ said...

I love your ripped jeans they re super cute and the blue gloves are perfect if you had gotten them in white you would have looked like a golfer.

Kirsty said...

Love that outfit! :)
Check out my blog, we could follow each other :)

♥Celyne Glam♥ said...

i like this outfit too great, visit my blog



Annette said...

Totally in Love with your H&M Jacket!! Loving your whole look too..
Hot Happenings

Lisa Ann said...

Loving the baby blue gloves! I wish I had more of a chase to wear gloves in LA.

☮ Lisa Ann

Stylishly me by Taryn said...

Such a fabulous outfit.. The gloves look amazing..

Style StreetStalker said...

Fantastic outfit love the colouring! And ohhh those gloves!


Arra Abella said...

Gorgeous jacket, bag and gloves! I love the colors!


Ballerina'sBun said...

Omg you look awesome love your dants gloves ! Matches perfectly with your blazer ! Perfect outfit ! Xx nadine

Emily & Humle said...

lovely pictures :D

la vie quotidienne said...

so so elegant!!!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

Eda. said...

The colours are beautiful, especially the colour of those gloves but everything about this look is gorgeous anyway

Eda ♥

sarahtheda said...

Amazing gloves!

barefoot duchess said...

OMG, the gloves!!!!

jas said...

great gloves

Sabine said...

Great look! The jacket looks stunning on you!

Glossy Lala said...

I love ur style and ur blog!!!! Would u like to follow each other?? Kisses xx

The Pink Leather Jacket said...

Lovely *-*

Dominique B. said...

Love all the textures of this look! So damn chic! xx

The Niknok Style

charlene said...

OBSESSED with your knit.

i die.


Fifthfloorovergoldenhorn said...

Your BAG <3

Fee said...

I love the gloves! Cute outfit.


cessione del quinto said...

Great photos!!!your look is very elegant.....thanks for sharing!
sara cessione

Sydney said...

love the colour of those gloves!

Roseanne said...

i love your jacket and your gloves! said...

great mix of colors :)

Rocks Paper Metal said...

I need a pair of those jeans!

You look very trendy, but comfortable.
Perfectly balanced :)

Mónica - Mes Voyages à Paris said...

Wow, I really love those gloves and your old jeans!

Bespoke Biddie said...

This is such a fun look


SarahJayne @ Goldmine Trash said...

The gloves. Loving the gloves!

Leanne said...

Oh this outfit could not be more perfect!!! Such stunning colours.

Love from South Africa

Sandra Merino said...

love the look!!

Alexis said...

Love that H&M jacket!

Le Petit Bohemian said...

Love the H&M jacket - totally noveau Chanel-esque and the Urban Outfitter sweater looks luxurious!

*Maja* said...

One of my favorite looks of yours!

xx from Tel Aviv

mimifashionland said...

this a such a high fashion combination but really wearable for in the streets, well done. you look stunning :)

SmilingStyle said...

Nice colors! :)

Natalie Anne Bourn said...

This outfit is so androdynous yet also chic, I love it!

Lola said...

wow what a surprising mix of textures that actually go really well together..brava!


About Fashion said...

Wonderful!I love this look, amazing gloves!

Enter in my blog

Diva Naomi Addy said...

Awesome pictures, your hair is amazing, and looks so healthy and shining.

Carola Disiot said...

I already told you l adore this outfit?


Ilona de Vries said...

beautiful bag!

White Girl said...

looove it! Great Style :)

Raslett said...

tried finding this jacket on h&m website so many time, someone heeelp meee xx

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