Sunday, 12 February 2012

Diesel's new denim

Many of you might remember me taking about the re-launch of Diesel, now it's time to take a closer look at their completely renewed denim. The 'Fit your attitude' range has been stripped down to 6 styles that come in a various choice of washes. The simplified designs include 6 different fits, here is my take on the new collection.

zara top
cambridge satchel
skywatch watch
alexander wang heels

''Super-slim-fit with a super-skinny leg, features a higher yoke to flatter the rear female form''

The skinny Grupee has to be my favorite pick and might just become my all time favorite jeans. The dark blue will be replacing many of my black skinnys. I Wore it with a neoprene top and a highlighter neon clutch to tie together the scuba look.

bootzee in wash 0069H
topshop blazer
zara top
vintage belt
jimmy choo heels

''The perfect bootcut leg with a slim fit, features sightly higher back pockets and a regular rise''

It was so much fun playing with a pair of bootcut jeans again, made me realize how easy this fit really is. With a slight 70's influence I paired them with some layered florals, a new top and a three years old blazer surprisingly found each other in my messy closet.

getlegg in wash 0884X
curated by ek thongprasert top
milin blazer
alexander wang heels

''Slim jeans designed to fit slightly wider at the knees and higher at the back''

This cute light blue pair gave me the idea to wear soft pastels from head to toenails. With a straight leg, these fall in to a category of a mix between a skinny fit and boyfriend jeans, a totally new style to work my spring wardrobe around.

myguy in wash 0885C
zara waistcoat
zara shirt
second hand belt
jimmy choo heels

''Boyfriend-style jeans with a relaxed fit, lower crotch and slightly tapered leg''

Such perfect cool jeans, I don't know what I like more; the chilled fit or the dirty wash. I wore them with heels of course and some tailored pieces. Is it just me or does boyfriend jeans always look best with a simple button-down shirt and pointy heels?

flairlegg in wash 0889U
h&m waistcoat
cos knit
burberry shoes

''70's inspired fit with chino style pockets and with a raw unfinished hem''

I just had to pick the white wash for these 70's jeans, how good is the raw-cut hem? I wanted a pale allover look and paired it with a textured knit and some trashed leather. An oversized shirt would have looked amazing but for now the weather required a knit. These will be a favorite for summer.

highkee in wash 0886Z
beam of jack jacket
bruno pieters for weekday knit
vintage belt
ebay cap
nowhere heels

all photos by Janne

''Fifties inspired high wasted jeans, with a straight leg fit and higher back pockets''

How could I not wear a cropped top with these high wasted jeans, I just need to stick to my diet and wait for summer to experiment more on that look. I was thinking of wearing red lips and something more dressed up with these retro inspired jeans, but instead I just kept it simple with a favorite sporty look.

The new permanently re-designed range will be replacing all other previous Diesel styles and is now available worldwide. Playing with the new collection made me realize how good it can be to sometimes try other styles than the good old skinny. Which one is your favorite?


Irene Buffa said...

what a great collection !!!!<3

Adelyn said...

wow! What an amazing post! Those boyfriend fit jeans are marvelous! You are so lucky you got to play with all those gorgeous jeans!


Monse Fuentes said...

amaing looks!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Wunmi W-A said...

I need to find jeans that fit this well man!


Elisa said...

I loooove diesel jeans, they have the best fit!

Sasha said...

WOOOW, amazing!! You are so pretty and those jeas fit u so well!

Joy. // said...

Love how you styled this denim!

ediot said...

så många snygga outfits och bra många fina jeansmodeller.
bra jobbat sandra


Mari-Liis Suvi said...

Woah, gorgeous pics, every single shot is amazing. Love the styling!

Naina said...

Coolest post ever, love all the ways you styled these different styles. You (and your body) are perfection.

Minna said...

Tuo Getlegg-malli näytti todella hyvältä ja istuvalta! Pari niitä mulle, kiitos. :)

Marina said...

All outfits are amazing! I like them all! <3 And definitely I will try some of this combinations!

xoxo M.

The Fancy Teacup said...

Love how you styled all the various denim! You look absolutely stunning and fabulous in each look. x

EvaMae said...

Love all of these looks, and how different they are!

Ballerina'sBun said...

Wow these jeans fits amazing ! Love like you combined it in different ways ! Xx nadine

ANfash said...

I love the boyfriend jeans. So stunning!

The Fashion Robot said...

You look great in all them

kate funk said...

These jeans fit you perfectly! I think the first pair is my favorite!!

eleni said...

amazing jeans! i especially like the first one! x

Zsa Zsa Zsú said...

Con esas sandalias plateadas de Alexander Wang es imposible que quede mal un pantalón ¡son preciosas! :)

S.P. said...

They're styled so well.

It's going to be hard for me to part with my skinnies but I do like the Grupee and Getlegg. HighKee would have been my dream pair if they were skinny, I love a high waist pair of jeans.
Strut Mode

Darianne said...

They are all really cute.
Love the way you put them together.
Xo, Jaelle.

WearAbouts said...

love the flowers on flowers of your second look! :)

Melissa said...

I really love the getlegg style.

Marte P.S. said...

Wow, I love this post! You look amazing :)

Mon said...

I LOVE THE FLARES! The slim fit is also very nice!


merci pour le venin said...

i actually don't like most of these jeans. but the last one and the third one are really great. want them. and you (ofc) look really good in every picture, even though some of the jeans don't appeal to me.

Ishea said...

Diesel couldn't have found a better model!
You look stunning!


Nyrha said...

I'm in love with all these looks


Leslie-Lucile said...

love it!!Those jeans are looking good on you!

Mónica C. Welton said...

seriously good. i love diesel. the second look is my fav!

krystin. said...

Grupee cut is my favorite. Stunnah.

- xo


Yocohoto said...

I like the idea of the collection, but some of your styling was unfortunately a miss with me :( The first two styles fit you and the outfits are gorgeous, the 3rd is ok, but the rest of them not so much.

L'art said...

Boyfriend jeans and the white ones look wonderful on you! Love how you've styled all of the jeans!

Angela Leberte said...

I always stick to skinnies! You are so right about playing with new styles!

Sheree said...


The Purse Snatcher said...

I have to agree the Grupee's look amazing!

Zoё said...

You look insane in all of them though my favourite pair would have to be the lighter washed pair.

Elise said...

Wow love this collection, the flares are outstanding! :)

Hanna said...

AMAZING! and btw, I love your A.Wang heels :)


GIULIA said...


lucillejoy said...

Big, big fan of the Grupee and the Getleg cuts, the Grupee's make your bum look amazing! Very well styled!

Arra Abella said...

Love the jeans!!

Bodil said...

Wow - I really loved the top look!

I know it's strange, but it makes me think of a more minimalistic Carrie Bradshaw..

Camilla said...

I love the second pair, you look gorgeous!

xo Camilla

Into The Fold

marblava said...

Amazing!! and stunning all of them!!

Amanda said...

Amazing collection! I want to get the light blue jeans or the black pants! <3

Natalie said...

I used to live in diesel jeans... I think I'm going to have to check out their new collection.

I almost ready to go live with my first blog at

In the meantime you can keep updated by following me on twitter @offdutychic

Annette said...

Amazing posts!! Love all the different looks.. But i am digging the Bootzee and Grupe.

Nothing is like a perfect fitting boot cut jeans. Also loved how you styled it. Defo keeping my eyes peeled for these. Thanks for sharing!!


I'm Just Me said...

AMAZING!!! love this!!!! :)

Lara said...

Which girl does not love jeans? and those pair of Grupee-Jeans on you, are just amazing!!! Absolutely WOW


Miss Red Socks said...

The first and last looks are my favs. But you did a fantastic job coming up with all these different looks for these jeans. They all look amazing!

Heloísa Müller said...

Amazing jeans!

Imani Love said...

You are so incredibly fierce and the way you piece together outfits are so inspiring!

-Imani Love

Teresa said...

Love the Grupee and its versatile dark blue color. The cuffing adds some extra rock and roll flair. The Getlegg is a gorgeous blue. Also makes a great classic addition to the wardrobe.

barefoot duchess said...

lovely outfits, great jeans!

monkeyshines ♥ said...

amazing denim pieces!


Sydney said...

love the getlegg!

Amanda said...

Love this post, and the grupees and highkee. You seriously have the best ring.

Amanda said...

Best Job! Lol!!

DAGG said...

I really love every single look, are really amazing. Congrats for your blog.

lucia m said...

you look gorgeous on jeans!

danielle p. said...

love all these looks so much!


Roxanna said...

Awesome collection, what great pictures! You rock the boyfriend jeans so well!

xx Roxanna

Fashion Recession said...

The boyfriend look is completely my favorite, I just love how you styled that!!!

All love Lola


Fashion Tidbits said...

Fantastic interpretations!! I like the pastel look the most

Honorata said...

I like the first ones!!!You look so nice in all of sthe styles!

Estherina said...

Love how you've styled all the looks!

Step into Estherina's World

Bridgid said...

great styling - these jeans look amazing! love the pale blue pair and the boot leg, will have my eye out for the new collection!

Liss said...

I really like the MYGUY fit!

Amazing wash and fit!

X Liss

Hilda Nicholas said...

I love all of the looks, but my favourites are the first two. Really enjoyed this post. Lots of inspiration! Thank you!

Amanda said...

Love all the outfits!

Sania Cuk said...

Spectacular, just absolutely amazing. I alway get tones of ideas from ur posts!

Tara said...

I love them all but I have to say the getlegg is my favorite :)

jenaly enns said...

the third pair is my favorite

SAMANTHA said...

YOU ARE AMAZING. I love the grupee :)!!

Creativity&Chocolate said...

The all look amazing on you but I especially love the MYGuy,Getlegg and Grupee!

Laura said...

like the first one :)

MolDiva said...

jeans are the perfect style that matches you. you look great in the 4th look. I like this boys style.

TWO//MINDS said...




Sere said...

Hello! I really like your style. I follow a long but I never posted my comments..I saw your blazer Milin. I am madly in love with that blazer!!! Wow..I ask where you bought it?
Thks good day..kiss

Vasilieva said...

such a cool selection, loved all the shots too

la vie quotidienne said...

Great collection! All of them, looks really good!

xoxo aus München
La Vie Quotidienne

madhatter said...

Wow the collection looks amazing!

take a peak at my blog <3

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madhatter said...

Wow the collection looks amazing!

take a peak at my blog <3

Project Rattlebag


Anna Bron said...

OMG The Boyfriend jeans are the bestttt!!!!!
I'm in love!!

Aný said...

the third one is the best!

pinkmate said...

the styles are great! I love all the photos and how you showed each kind of diesel! Amazing location shots as welL!


sophie chloe said...

You seem to love these Alexander Wang heels as much as I do!

Entre said...

Yes, their waist is higher. I liked Diesel's print ad with these flares, so smart. Your shoes are amazing with their jeans.

Merit said...

Loove the jeans :)

dollcake said...

Everything you do is spectacular, you carry those clothes with a grace of a dancer...definitely my favorite blogger and biggest inspiration (no kidding). a true artist in my mind

Maria V said...

What a great post! Immaculate sense of style - each look is just fabulous!

Can I give you some kind of blogging award for this post? ...Just kidding...

Have a great day, lady,

FTD said...

LOVE ALL THE JEANS, but the flairleg... gosh!! love them!!

Sara said...

These snaps are really cool! I especially like the second and third jeans!

Adele said...

Adoring the fit of the skinnies xoxo

silvye said...

I love Denim and you look great in all them. Thx

Floortje said...

Love them all! Really cool!

Joanne Christina said...

I think my favourite are the getlegg.
Great outfits.

Lace and Tulle said...

great jeans!!! love all of them!!

Catalina said...

I LOVE the pastels look!


the wide white one for sure!
I love how you well you accessorized them, those silver wang heels look amazing under denim

Stacy said...

the flared ones and boyfriend ones are great! definitely going to need to look into this collection..

Anonymous said...

Those bootcut jeans <3 :oo

ASH said...

Enamored with each and every look.

my very own lookbook said...

i love all of these! especially your blazers


Bonnie said...

I love the dark blue skinnies, of course, but those boyfriend-cuts are also super cute. A good slouchy pair is difficult to come by.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Princess Angeles said...

Very nice photos.

fashiongamble said...

you look absolutly stunning in the last one!

BobbieAustin27 said...

love all of these looks
you rock those jeans well
your sense of style is truely amazing
denim can some times look a little bland
but you make a simple look incredibly fashionable
I admire that :)

Tanja van S - said...

Love your looks - really great - but the first collection is really awesome...

Tanja - or via Bloglovin

Camilla said...

Great Jeans!
And wow, you have really long and pretty hair - wish I had that long hair as well.


Love, Love, Love said...

A toss up between the Grupee and the Getlegg for me; I shall just have to have both styles :)

Fee said...

Ohhh they are all so cool! And how do you manage to suit all the styles!!? They look like they fit really well.


Material Fixations said...

Love the diffrent styles and outfits. I am not a fan of the white jeans trend, but I love the bootcut ones you're wearing! Great cuts and styles, I am in admiration.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say this but I didn't like any of them. Honestly, they don't look good on you either, it is like you are wearing big size or something. I prefer your style.

Sarah said...

WOW these all look amazing on you, they are styled perfectly

AlyssaPauline said...

The Bootzee is my favorite but you did an amazing job of styling them perfectly!!

The Golden Girls said...

you sure rock them well! xx, The Golden Girls

linsey sijmons said...

They're just perfect! I think the first jeans is my favorite <3

P.S. Happy Valentinesday!

With love,

sarah. said...

LOVE the looks!

Anonymous said...

what's the nail polish you have on most of this pictures? the light blue one?
it looks surprisingly good:)

Catherine Jane said...

Amazing collaboration! Diesel defiantly chose the right blogger to represent them!
I have a tie for my favourite ensemble: Getlegg and Bootzee.
Amazing post! I am addicted to your blog!

x Catherine

Louisa said...

I love all of these looks I can't decide which one I like the most! I always enjoy looking at your blog, it's one of my favorites!


MRSKA said...


Astrid said...

How do you get so damn good pictures? The quality, the colors, amazing pictures! What camera and what lens are you using?

choo lee said...

omg your hair is wonderful :OO

come and see my blog !

Shelly said...

They are truly well on you, every model !



Katrin Lilja said...

I absolutely love the bootcut jeans, and also that floral blazer. Lush!

-kat x

elena said...

Amazing!!! I love the COS knit!!!


Flutra said...

Really great denim collction!!!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing. Good post, I like it very much. I also love Burberry Bags and Burberry ties very much.

6 o'clock Inspiration said...

Love the first outfit!!
the bag is adorable and the shirt is great also!!
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Josie said...

I really like the Getlegg in wash 0884x.

Thank you for sharing!!!

-Josie, 8bitgrayscale


Wow, I'm in love with how you matched that lighter denim! I find it a bit difficult to wear light jeans, but these look so good on you.

The little world of fashion said...

I love all your jeans!

ilaria miniussi said...

What can I say?!
I love Diesel jeans, they are a perfect fit, most of all for my body curves.

You rock with these outfits!

Zisan Bay said...

I love, love, love you so much!
You´re so pretty and your look is great.


annie said...

great looks!

Denimtarian said...

I love yr pictures...It looks amazing...

Last DIESEL jean is my favorite:))

I decided to follow you...I hope you´ll do the same :)))

alyssahiba said...

New in england, from sweden!

Jani said...

Diesel has such amazing jeans! These are all great, looks like I need a shopping trip :)


xx said...

gosh, i love that jacket! the outfit looks just awesome

Liesbeth (candyandtreats) said...

I've always loved Diesel, it's my favorite brand of all times. I really love how you present the new collection, very personal and with great inspiration. Makes me want everything so badly, way more effective than some campaign shots! I really really love this article! <3

Meike said...

What a great post girl! Love the collection you're wearing! And what a lovely braid, I'm jealous!
I'm following you from now, would really like you to follow me back?!

With love, M

Lotus Blossom Design said...

Love the Grupee jeans!

Hannah said...

I really think the Cambridge Satchel Company have managed to do something that even Mulberry never achieved with the Alexa - to make the satchel glamorous.

The structured shape means they make (as you've styled it) for the perfect statement oversized clutch. Love them, especially the neon shades.

Alex said...

I love the Getlegg and the Bootleg. And the wash you chose for the Getlegg is awesome !

p-l-a-i-d said...

I love the Grupee style, fab!

Jenny said...

I work at a Diesel store in Sweden and I ADORE my new Grupee's. Next will be Getlegg.
Obsessed with Diesels new jeans. they sell like butter in sunshine. ;)

Xean said...

Diesel is one of the favorite brand jeans, it's stylish and I'm comfortable using it.

Lily said...

now I like diesel, very much! I'm gonna add this to my shopping list.

a. major said...

why are you so cool?

MKP said...

Really love the sporty feel to the last look, quite excited about the coming spring/ Olympic inspired sports luxe trends. Gorgeous hoodie!


Julia said...

les tenues sont toutes géniales mais j'ai un petit coup de coeur pour le blazer à fleurs :)

qwadro_fx said...

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Anonymous said...

wow! great advertisement!

Club collar dress shirt said...

Wow!! Liked you silver heel shoes. Looks awesome!!

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