Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Danielle Foster bags

Early January I finally managed to book in a visit I had been planning for months; I took myself down to east London to visit the incredibly talented handbag designer Danielle Foster.  I remember coming across her designs every now and then but when I glanced through her fall look book, page after page filled with her signature style beautifully heavy leather bags, I simply went yes yes yes. I did not just want a bag, I wanted to see how these beauties got made, know everything about them and of course take the time to meet the designer herself.

And so I did, the model/designer was just as humble to meet me as I was to meet her, when I spent an hour or so sipping mint tea in her little studio. I placed two orders, one of them is being made in pic one, because if you have an opportunity to own a human hair tote - you really should.

Thank you Danielle for having me over, the collection is now online as a newcomer at Bengt, make sure to check the collection out here.



as a result this bags are amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this post <3

blue roses said...

i love the almost austere, precise, but utterly beautiful and flawlessly elegant structure; what a treat!


Wunmi W-A said...

like what i did there? haha. TOTE?! like bag... never mind.. haha..


MonochromeMagpie said...

Such intricate detailing, and all those studs and buckles... heaven <3

Monochrome Magpie

Donna said...

Great photos, these bags are simply amazing!


Sara Inga Catrin said...

Truly beautiful bags! X S.

Girlie Blogger said...

Cannot believe how effortless they made making bags look like. Surely it was hard work. Results looked gorgeous though.


Mackenzie said...

What great pics! beautiful. quality bag

WearAbouts said...

sooo gorgeous. want one soo baaadd! <3

WearAbouts said...

sooo gorgeous. want one soo baaadd! <3

Monika said...

Wow, love them.

Naina said...

So sweet of you to want to get to know her personally, and not just her product. You seem to be such a wonderful person, Sandra!


Angela DiGiacinto said...

beautiful bags, im in love. i need one.

xx A


Habiba. J said...

WOW! these bags are just so gorgeous and I love that you were part of changing someone's life. I love these how it's made. If you get a chance check out my blog, I have interesting fashion posts you might love to read.


Lydia Rose said...

The bags are amazing I make hairy bags like those! Beautiful!


S.P. said...

Great images. I really like the clutch and the mini satchel in the 2nd to last picture.
Strut Mode

B.Weber said...

I LOVE THESE... they are beautiful.


Teodora said...

Thank you for sharing your experience and letting us meet her :)


AD + SH said...

wow these are absolutely gorgeous. What a talented chick. I'm amazed!

The Fancy Teacup said...

Those bags are wondrous. x


monkeyshines ♥ said...

gorgeous pieces!


Estherina said...

Stunning bags!

Step into Estherina's World

houseofdaria.com said...

Love the hardwear and tough leather!


Paula said...

love all of this <3


Those are amazing. i love the way they are constructed.

M.B. Captured said...

Love the concept of meeting the maker/designer. Such a cool experience.

Marilia Roquini said...



Monse Fuentes said...

beautiful pictures!

El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse
El blog de Monse

Dominique B. said...

Those bags are amazing! I want one for myself! xx

The Niknok Style

thestyleflux said...

WOW! what an awesome design! :)


whimsicallittlethings said...

omgosh that's amazing! love your bags

Fashion Me Wild - Style Team said...

Beautiful bags!

Check out today's look:
Look of the Day

Abbey Brandon said...

The skill is incredible!

xo, Abbey (District Dress Up)

Living in Color // Larissa said...

LOVE THAT BAG. absolutely fabulous!

Bridgid said...

wow thanks for talking to us about this designer - she's really talented! love all the detailing in the bags. how exciting to have a couple made for you! :)

Bridgid x


Sinful Imperfection said...


jessica said...

Wow, I'm with you! Each photo as I scrolled down.. all I was thinking was "who is this?!?!?!" How did you pick just two?

Thanks for sharing!

harrietbambridge said...

stunning bags! thanks for sharing xx

jenaly enns said...

those bags are amazing!!


Nassu said...

WTF ??
love those bags !!!

el_martina said...

all bags are amazing!!! such a nice post!

Rosie said...

ooh my goodness, i NEED one of these bags!
so gorgeous!


C A T H said...

I'm musing over your photos!
such good photography~ especially the close up shot of the girl and her sowing machine and the Danielle Foster bag details.

Style Hostess

Lauren and Marika said...

wow phenomenal bags! love this :) xx
Golden White Décor

Mari-Liis Suvi said...

wow, gorgeous bags!!


Julia said...

Super ces sacs !

Prof. Dr. Skinny Bitch said...

the bags are really beautiful!!!


Honorata said...

Wow, the bags are really unique!!!


Cheska said...

I'm sure she's a model I've seen around?! Who is also very talented, those bags are beautiful x


Shelly said...

They are truly amazing, and the result is perfect.



jessica january said...

love the subtle graphicness of the bags
january, x

Nikita said...

Wow, amazing bags.

Xx. http://livingafashionablelife.blogspot.com

Ria :) said...


Leeloo's said...

black leather is perfect combination for a perfect bag!

Clémence said...

Oh my !!!!!

Those look FANTASTIC !!

Magical !!

Irresistible !!!

Danielle's bag are the ultimate object of desire. Top 1 on my list now. What a unique style and an amazing quality. And all handmade?! Waohhh!

Thanks for sharing it with us ;)



C* said...

Amazing bags :)

chiikalivelovelaugh said...

ooo beautiful, i like the black weaved bag with the soft pink side panels :)

Sandra - If it comes in pink said...

She's amazing :)

Camilla said...

Love the post!
And the bags are stunning!



Annie Louise said...

that's crazy awesome!


Sandra Merino said...

great bags!! love them!


Daniela said...

Noi laukut ovat aivan upeita, rakastan nuden- ja mustanväristä niittilaukkua ja mustia sen alla, ja lähikuvista näkee upean nahan laadun.

jas said...

very cool. the workmanship is awesome


Alexx said...

Those are incredible!


Corrine McConnachie said...

I love Danielle Foster bags! Lucky you! Great blog.


Casla Twins said...

love this!! so cool


Eliz said...

She really is talented. That human hair tote also caught my eye, it's really awesome and a little bit creepy, too.




NewKidOnTheBlog said...

those bags are breathtaking! I want oneee!! xoxo


Joanne Christina said...

Defiantly checking these out.


Alex said...

these are lovely xx

Patricia said...

they're awesome


Vasilieva said...

these are just fab, absolutely beyond chic


Marika said...

love the first bag!!! amazing!!
visit my blog on htpp://laviecestchic.blogspot.com!
xoxo Marika






Ln said...

The bags look amazing! I'm going to check them out right now!

Blog of a young designer http://lnfierlafijn.blogspot.com/

Bravoe Runway said...

These bags are absolutely gorgeous! I'm definitely going to check out the site!

Material Fixations said...

These are breath taking! They are so tough and heavy and yet whimsical.

Pilvi said...

Oh, what would I give to have a bag like that! Lucky you (:

Tanja van S - PureGlam.tv said...

Amazing bags... - really wonderful...

Tanja - PureGlam.tv or via Facebook-Page

The Ugly Duckling said...

What amazing bags, its everything you would every want from one!! xx

Anne's Universe said...

Wow! Amazing bags - i adore your blog.

I just started my own:

 Ms. Allee said...

LOVE the clutch!*


Janet Saucedo @StudioBlueJewelry said...

I'm inspired. She does great work.


kissonthechic said...

Love those bags theyre so edgy yet elegant


Amanda Park said...

cute bags
follow each other?



Raquel said...

I love it!!

Creativity&Chocolate said...

Awesomepost and nice pictures! Great to see how these bags are made!


Jen Umm said...

this is incred!!


Sarah said...

The designs of those bags are so cute and chic <3 Love it! Totally need those in my life.



Rio and Jane said...

Wow, thank you for introducing these amazing bags, they are works of art. I especially love the satchel. So cute!!!

Thumbprints That ♥ To Look Cute

Clélia said...

I love her bag !

diana kang said...

this is way cool xx

Entre said...

Many start ups, designers as well as British fashion retailers are in East London. It's amazing hub of creativity, invention in small place, but these bags are outstanding. Great craftmanship and design to remember.

la vie quotidienne said...

Hallo Sandra, great post, nice bags...i like one. Another day i show Karolina Kurkova with one bag same like this. You can check KK in:


I follow.

XOXO from Munich

La Vie Quotidienne


Natalie said...

Love c:

Wigertstil said...

I LOVE them

caramel rock said...

loving your work hun.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a great blog full of inspiration !

Karina Dinda R. said...

Nice post ^^ You have a great blog, mind to follow each other? :)

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choo lee said...

i love them so much! wow!! :))


NaNa said...

wow these bags are beautiful.

love, the NaNa girls x

Johanne said...

Cool! :D


marj said...

Lovely! The clutch is really awesome!

nonnapuffo said...

Great amazing post!

kisses from your follower! ♡

Flapjack Melody said...

These bags are stunning, I want one so bad..!




Flapjack Melody said...

These bags are stunning, I want one so bad..!




Hadera Burki said...

The bags are looking amazing!


EvaMae said...

LOVE the woven leather and buckles

Minna said...

Aivan ihana tuo kahvallinen pikku salkku!

Tori said...

Great bags! Love the studs.


DNA (designers+artists) said...

Gorgeous details and structure of the bags.


sarah. said...

love the bags. amazing.


Adelyn said...

wow! Those look amazing! you are so incredibly lucky! Your blog is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites!


::little projects in style:: said...

holy smokes! how awesome are these bags!!

wow! it really makes you sit back and admire the handiwork on all the lovely purses out there! sooo much work must go into it!

xx, zhing

Modas_diva said...

It's aaaammzzzziiinnggg !! BIG LOVE !! xx

Valerie said...

Wauwie! thanks for sharing! I've been looking for the right bag for a long time!! May be one of those could be the one! I will keep it in mind! :D xx

pinkmate said...

oh i love the bags! They're all gorgeous!



Aitana said...

i love that bags!!!^^


BagServant Lenka said...

she is really talented. Great designs. we would love to speak to her. Would it be possible to have a chat for an introduction?

Annabelle said...

What gorgeous bags!

Danny Foto said...

Woowww... where I can buy those bags? They are surreal!! Love your posts!


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ايمپلنت دندان

جرم گيري دندان

جراحي لثه

پي پال

پي پل

ويزا کارت

وقت سفارت

خريد از آمازون

پرداخت ارزي

پرداخت دلاري

گيفت کارت

گيفت ويزا کارت

گيفت آيتونز

تجهيزات هتل

تجهيزات آشپزخانه صنعتي

راه اندازي فست فود

تجهيزات رستوران

لوازم آشپزخانه

لوازم برقي آشپزخانه

Mehri Zalaghi said...

عينک پورشه

عينک آفتابي ريبن

عينک ريبن

خريد عينک آفتابي ريبن

عينک آفتابي شنل

عينک شنل

عينک آفتابي کررا

عينک کررا

عينک آفتابي ورساچه

عينک ورساچه

عينک آفتابي گوجي

عينک گوجي

عينک سه بعدي

خريد عينک سه بعدي

عينک 3 بعدي

عطر و ادکلن



ادکلن 212

عطر 212

عطر مردانه

خريد عطر مردانه

عطر زنانه

خريد عطر زنانه

عطر ماه تولد

ساعت مچي

خريد ساعت مچي

ساعت مچي مردانه

خريد ساعت مچي مردانه

ساعت مچي زنانه

خريد ساعت مچي زنانه

ساعت LED

خريد ساعت LED

گوشي طرح اصلي سامسونگ

گوشي طرح اصل

Hajmehi Zalaghnia said...

گن لاغري کاسمارا اصل

گن لاغري کاسمارا

گن لاغري مردانه

خريد گن لاغري مردانه

گن زنانه

خريد گن لاغري

خريد گن لاغري زنانه کاسمارا

آموزش خياطي خانم عمراني

آموزش خياطي

خياطي خانم عمراني

خياطي سيما عمراني

آموزش آرايشگري

آموزش آشپزي

آموزش بافت مو

آموزش زبان انگليسي

آموزش ژيمناستيک

آموزش ميوه آرايي

آموزش سفره آرايي

آموزش شنا

آموزش فوتبال

آموزش فوتسال

آموزش کشتي

چاي سبز لاغري

چاي سبز

دستگاه بافت مو

عينک آفتابي

خريد عينک آفتابي

خريد اينترنتي عينک آفتابي

عينک آفتابي پليس

عينک پليس

خريد عينک پليس

عينک آفتابي پورشه

عطر 212

عطر مردانه

Hajmehi Zalaghnia said...

خريد اينترنتي

آموزش بافت کلاه

آموزش بافتني با ميل

آموزش قلاب بافي

آموزش بافت شال گردن

آموزش بافت کلاه دخترانه

آموزش بافت کلاه پسرانه

آموزش بافت کلاه نوزاد

آموزش بافت کلاه مردانه

آموزش بافت کلاه منصوره ياوري

آموزش بافت شال

آموزش بافت شال مردانه

آموزش بافت شال زنانه

آموزش بافت کلاه و شال

آموزش بافت شال گردن زنانه و مردانه

قلاب بافي

آموزش کلاه قلاب بافي

آموزش قلاب بافي مبتدي

آموزش کيف قلاب بافي

آموزش قلاب بافي کلاه

آموزش بافتني با دو ميل

آموزش بافتني

بافتني با ميل

آموزش تصويري بافتني با دو ميل

افزايش قد

ژل افزايش قد

خريد ژل افزايش قد

ژل افزايش قد اصلي

ژل افزايش دهنده قد

فروش ژل افزايش قد

گن لاغري زنانه کاسمارا

گن لاغري

گن هاي لاغري

گن مردانه

گن لاغري زنانه