Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Win 1000 € to spend at

A little Christmas present for my dear readers.. Nelly is teaming up with bloglovin for a shopping giveaway!



fashion suicides said...

I'm pretty sure you'll win!


NASTY GAL giveaway on my blog!

Nádia said...

I already did! Actually voted for you! :D


Amanda Hill said...

Yahooo! Just in time for the holiday!

Mette Andersen said...

Already liked yours :)

alessandra nitti said...


Sandra said...

Voted for you! :)

Stop by - Where are my keys?


amazing chances!

with love,
your opinion is VERY important for me!

J O H A N N A said...

I really liked your styling best Sandra! It's like my kind of clothes and I'm totally in love with the leather jacket. It's amazing with all the details but at the same time a complete unit/piece. I do also pray to god for that dress, adorable! And you're awesome ;D

Anna said...

The one I liked the most is 5inchandup. The combination of textures and colours is brilliant for late autumn nights while facing the winter glory. The dress inspires me the most, thanks to the warmness it gives.

xx Anna

thefashionistabubble said...

voted for you ;) I am loving sequins at the moment but believe that there's a way of doing it right or wrong and you did an amazing job with the pieces. I really hope you win so goodluck!

Minna said...

I voted for you. I think your looks are amazing and something I would wear myself :-)

Love from Minna

Tamara said...

liked- ! and i lwant win! and hope that you will win too :)

Maria Luís said...


I want to tell you about my giveaway! :)
check it out!

XXXX Maria Luís XXXX

Victoria said...

I voted for you :) Its a great look, that you made!

S.D. said...

Voted for you!!! xx

mariaa said...

I voted for you! You look amazing and that dress, woah. I want it and your jacket too!!!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Going to leave my vote for you!

Sandra said...

i voted for you :)

winstonandceleste said...

And an extra vote

Daniela Corno said...

I voted for yours. I liked the outfit you styled the best!

The life after said...

You'll win!

The Life After

Ravenna Moreira said...


Emina Elisabeth Lehnert said...

Hope you win. I voted for you Sandra :-)

sandra.J said...

I voted for you! Not only because I loved the outfit but also because you've inspired me in many different ways! I hope you win!!

Marloes said...

I voted for you, because you're style is the most unusual and you use different types of fabrics and layers, which are good for the holidays etc. x

Shohini Gupta said...

i love your's because it's so eccentric, sparkly, and just exciting!

Nicole said...

LOVELY blog!!!

-N <3 :)

Kim AllAboutTheStyle said...

Wauuwww nice !! I voted for you !

Sammie said...

done :) good luck :)


rachelmelissa said...

voted for you, obviously!



SARA said...

i love your blog <3

Julyet said...

omg, i am sooooo in love with your blog!

Rania Kelesidou said...

I love the outfit you created, it's really great! Hope you win :)

realelinkling said...


kaija said...

I voted for you! :)

Irina said...

I voted for u because i liked ur styling the best! :)

Nuha said...

so awesome- goodluck to you!

Anonymous said...

I liked your styling (and video) the most, so i'll vote for you Sandra! You have such and great sense of style, ahh.


Dots said...

You got my vote. Love your styling. You got a new follower from Denmark :)

cecylia said...

you look awesome- and the CENTRAL GIRL!! :D Congrats Sandra! xx

Laura said...

You must win! :)

Anonymous said...

you gote my vote cuz i like ur style and ur from finland :))

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