Friday, 30 December 2011

A closer look at my Skywatch

Lately you might have noticed my newfound love for the brand Skywatch. I got introduced to the wide range of Swiss-made, diver inspired watches a few weeks ago and the rose gold beauty has hardly left my arm ever since.

Have fun trying to choose your favorite from the selection here, it took me about a week.



marcella said...

nice watch

Dale said...

This watch is so pretty! Very chic


monkeyshines ♥ said...

beautiful piece!


Dark Blue Stripes said...

Love the watch.


Dark Blue Stripes

CANDACE said...

Definitely love your watch! :)

Dragonfly said...

I´m a watch lover, and these are just amazing! I need them!! ;)

Miss Molly said...

incred watch!

Kas and Blue said...

We love black watches!! The quality of your pics... as GOOD as always! :)


kimberley said...

This watch is really great! enjoy your day girl xo kimberley |

Laura said...

Nice watch! And I love your bracelet too, so cute :)


Prairie Girl in the City said...

Love it. I especially like the White & Rose Gold line.


Tanja van S - said...

Really nice watch... great pictures!

Tanja - or via Facebook-Page

Lia said...

lovely watch !

Glass of Fashion

Carmen said...

your watch is WOW!

XO, Carmen

Ria :) said...

very nice :) x

fashion suicides said...

I'm more like a casiowatvh girl :D the geek electronic watch!


Virgit said...

love it beautiful watch

The life after said...

Very nice. I'm lookinf for a new watch too...

The Life After

ediot said...

så snygg. gillar verkligen armbandet också. superfint

Donna said...

Love that watch, and your nail colour is gorgeous!

Thrift_Queen said...

loving your watch :)

Dominika said...

what a great watch!

Fashion Philosophy

Girlie Blogger said...

It's beautiful. I like how you are wearing it with the bracelet.

Lena said...

i really love watches and I understand you how hard sometimes to choose them
( I did it yesterday and It was soooo hard/ I pick a white ones)

Nathalia said...

im not big fan of big watches but this one looks super cool! great choice! :)

step by my blog fi you like :)

Brigita said...

You always find the most interesting items.
So thanks for inspiring me this year :)

Happy New Year!!
xx Brigita

Dena said...

Really nice watch!

Style LimeLight

Celine J. said...

It's so lovely!


la vie quotidienne said...

nice and funny watch.

Kises from Munich Sandra.

Happy New Year 2012.

La Vie Quotidienne

Honorata said...

Nice things!!!

Diana ♥ said...

it's pretty! a little masculine but i like it!

Ballerina'sBun said...

love that watch ! so beautiful ! xx nadine

kaye said...

I think your rose gold choice is really beautiful!!

Lifelessrobot said...

I like the little details in orange. Amazing

The Fancy Teacup said...

Adore the rose gold accents. Ultra chic!

Lina said...

nice watch and a bracelet!

SoNotIram said...

that's a very nice watch! :D


Anonymous said...

Which camera and lens do you use?

Ln said...

Nice watch!

blog of a young

jessica said...

amazing watch!

Bri said...

Love black + gold watches!

Melissa Soldera said...

Love the combo- black and rose gold- so chic!


Jen Umm said...

lovely nails!

SAMANTHA said...

I love it! and your bracelet.

Fashion Me Wild - Style Team said...


Check out today's look:
Look of the Day

betty said...

im not very into coz i feel like it make me look like a lesbian hahah or probs coz i never wear it !! i like this one tho

Michelle Lee said...


Imy Butler said...

very nice watch!

take a look at my blog.

i think you will enjoy it

onbeauty said...

nice watch, very nice, i like those black stylish watches, very nice! and this bracelets is also nice, is it a kind of fabric around or painted? which material?

catarina F Pinto said...

The watch is beautiful but I really really like your bracelet :D:D


Lola Finn said...

I just found you blog and I really like it! You have a really pretty and chic style! I love it :)
Follow you!
Happy new year :)

Ally said...

What a beautiful watch! I love it :) Happy New Year!

Jay Anne Cosmetics said...

Great Watch!! Love it:)

Check out my New Year's Blog Giveaway!

Chloe Jacqueline said...

Gorgeous watch!

CeCe & NuNu said...

lovely sky whatch!



rach. said...

soooooooooooooooo pretty! oh my gosh.

happy new year, girl!
love, rach.

eva goes to rio said...

what a pretty watch...

marblava said...

Very nice!!

Fashion is for idiots [like us] said...

How beautiful it is! Nice combination with the bracelet!xx

fashion is for idiots [like us]

Danielle said...

wow, i love this watch and it goes great with anything!
Danyell Ramblings

Shannon said...

amazingly fabulous!!!

Frances O@TheFashionHive said...

Nice watch but love your bracelet!!

Hippie Fruit said...

Love the watch !!! Sporty yet classy !!

*Daniëlle said...

nice watch i like it!

Brittany Matthews said...

LOVE the watch and the bracelet!

Taylor Gray said...

Love rode gold its so chic and looks so good next to anyones skin! check out my fashion blog

AiRene V. A. said...

nice watch!

Temporary:Secretary said...

just stopping by to wish you a very Happy new year, have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your awesome photos. All the best for 2012! x


Beautiful watch, Sandra. I am now having a thing towards a retro grandpa watch and hope it will become my new year's wish list. Happy 2012, my favorite blogger!

*still crossing fingers for new cool items in your blog store!


pinkmate said...

Love the watch!!!
Happy new year!!!


Denny said...

This watch is so amazing!!!<3
pleas visit!

Evi said...

This is amazing!! Love it!!!

Evi xoxo

Brighton said...

Love it next to that bracelet!!


che said...

absolutely lovely! watches are the finshing touch to any ensemble.

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