Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Writing breathe on a post-it

acne shirt
cos pants
elin kling x hm necklace
acne shoes
river island nails polish

photos by tasha

Hey... finally I feel like I have my life back, handed my uni project in on monday and then slept for 18 hours. I sound like a broken record, but maybe now I finally have some time to catch up again..

as you may have noticed I have been quite dedicated to wearing acne lately.. this shirt was one of the gems I picked up from from acne archive in stockholm

thanks for all the supportive comments



Vintage Rules said...

Looking good once again

Maggie ☮ said...

woa shoes :)

Alaina said...

Love the outfit;
Especially the choker, so cute

JadoreMrPlastic said...

The shoes are amazing

Lovely to meet you at the Bertie Blogging event


Jenna E said...

Gorg!!! Those shoes are killer

JENNA L. said...

Such a perfect combination ♥

p.s Tots jelly about the 18hr long sleep. Gahh what I'd give to sleep that long..

x x x
I'm Just a Gal

EllysMakeupbag said...

Im in love with the necklace!

featherfactor said...

Beautiful Acne shirt :) So pretty.

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

that necklace is so insane & those shoes.. OH those shoes. you're killing me. love it alll. xx

Emma said...

Love your outfit ! The shirt is amazing !

emily said...

gorgeous! :)

Jerrica said...

Congrat's hope you did well on your project. The acne shirt looks amazing and I wish I had at least one piece from elin klings h&m line.


Fashion Nostalgia

thepapermannequin said...

I love the second pic, it's so cool!
Man, you rock those Acne boots like it's no ones business. You're ensembles are always so inspiringly awesome.

Aleena x

Jessica said...

love your shirt! no wonder acne is fab!
and that choker, gosh, such a pretty one!



love the whole outfit :))) those boots are priceless!

Emily said...

I seriously worship Acne, this outfit is flawless

Paola. said...

love your outfit! your shoes are gorgeous

Breanne said...

LOVE the acne shirt!! And the shoes are pretty rad :)


Insomnia said...

Such a simple, but impeccable outfit!

*chameleon* said...

fierce pics!!!!!!!:)))

Simuša said...

You've got great hair :)

annahanghoej said...

that necklace is hot

Leya said...

fascinating necklace and shoes you got here =D

Renée said...

love your shoes!

Michelle's Style File said...

Great shoes!!

Michelle's Style File

chloe.eloise♥ said...

I love the casual look of the outfit. I just love the colour of the shirt, especially with your blonde hair. Beautiful.

Fox Whiskers

thefashiondiaries said...

I love this! The shirt looks great and the shoes.. oh the shoes!

Camilla. said...

the shoes are stunning :)

xx Camilla

giveaway on my blog :)

Ylenia said...

those boots?
just amazing!

from longuette

MELISSA Z. said...

I'm in love with that shirt and those boots are awesome! <3

Darkness said...

Lovely outfit. That necklace is divine.

it's so pink said...

continue wearing Acne, the pieces are simply gorgeous!!

Emily said...



NRC said...

Acne rocks!!! Love the EK necklace its so hardwaresque

Nyrha said...

I adore your look! Necklace is stunning


Xaviera said...

Oh no you didn't haha! The Pixels in two colors. You spend your money so well haha. This outfit is tranquil! The blouse's color is special. Again, love the WHOLE outfit, even the fence behind you haha.
X Xavie

tipika bez 1 said...

Are the shoes comfy to walk in? New in here, just listed and read ur whole blog. Got on top of my bloglovin list, u sure do have taste and style, and hoping to see ur designed pieces soon.
from Serbia

Lou said...

Congrats on handing your project in! I bet it is such a weight off of your shoulders. I am loving the shirt in the photos, I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing all the great outfits you wear.

Fashion Agony said...

Those boots are insane! :)


Vasilieva said...

fabulous boots

LM photografic said...

so nice photos, perfect background!

Eliana Masgalos said...

Hey dear!
Love your shoes... awsome shoes!!!

I finally posted your pics
Hope you like them ;)


Rosa said...


Great outfit! You look beautiful, and your boots are amazing!

Vicky said...

Fabulous outfit! Love your boots! x

Sari said...

Love this!

Mazzi M said...

Love the necklace!,,, and the boots are to die for!


Thea said...

Loooove it! Those acne shoes are to die for

Pretty Things said...

great outfit, loving your shoes


Kaja said...

Looks amazing as always! I love the necklace<3

I really love your blog! It is the best! I always look forward to your next post:)


Nicole Richie Anonymous said...

Love your shirt and your boots... so pretty much i love Acne too!xx

Kaśq. said...


Kera said...

Those shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessie said...

i love the violet overlay on this photograph. truly beautiful! great look as well.

The Fancy Teacup said...

What a super chic outfit! Those Acne boots are killer gorgeous (both that and the shirt are true gems.) I really adore the second photo of you.
much love.

Jennifer said...

those shoes are to die for. seriously. ohhhhh!!!


Marta M. said...

love this outfit!


Amada said...

Great style.Such a relaxed and chic look.


Lydz xX said...

Lydz xX


these shoes are breathtaking!!!

kimchicsisters said...

love the shoes

j. said...

this shoes are super weird but you look amazing! ;d
i like the shirt!

ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

That color looks amazing on you doll, great outfit :)

XoXo-Kelli K

Kacrates said...

the elin kling necklace is gorg. and i love those acne shoes, i have been looking for them.

crazy pig said...

Oh my god, 18 hours? Wow! You had to be damn tired!
I love that acne blouse, by the way <3

eeva amanda said...

Amazing look!
I love that light nail polish.

Anonymous said...

You'll soon be getting free Acne stuff no doubt its almost Acne in every post...

Hanna said...

Ah you look so pretty in these ones! An idea for a post; would love to know how you do your make up!

Keyla M. Rosas R. said...

hi! i would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog! a nice pair of sun glasses! it's worldwide! = )

i always follow back = )

kisses from La Mode En Rose = )

Wynn said...

Yay! It's time to celebrate the end of the uni project! BTW there are so many elements in this outfit that appeal to me that I'll spare you the oohs and the ahhs! ;)
Take it easy!


NobodyKnowsMarc said...

nice shoes! said...


amalie said...

du är så fiiin. LOVE your acne boots!

Rach said...

What a great blog! If you could take the time and look at mine that would be great! I would love to see what your opinions are! :)
follow me?

thefashionguitar said...

The color of that shirt looks amazing on you!

xo thefashionguitar

Karolina said...

These shoes are amazing! So crazy and chic!

The Minx said...

those shoes are bananas! and I'm loving the color of your shirt :)

emily kentq said...

i love the loose fitting shirt. its amazing

Lea said...

This shirt is the most beautiful one I saw for days now. I really love it!

polliani said...

totally love the shirt. great post

Cecilie said...

Love the blue shirt! simply perfect.

Raspberry Jam said...

Love the boots!


Ashley said...

your hair=amazing! and the acne shirt is the perfect color!


Cristiana Nunes said...

really effortless, the blouse and shoes are perfect. love the baggy pants!

Lien said...

The outfit looks really good!


love the shirt <3

She Wears, She Shares said...

so jealous! I love that collar necklace! They really need to bring that collection Stateside!



Alyss said...

I looove this whole look!

H. Houdini said...

shoeees <3 ans shirt <3

Anonymous said...

A-A-Amazing! ya a true style blogger icon , so many other bloggers try to be you but their is only one 5 inch and up!!!

Lace and red lipstick said...

love the shoes :D

linsey sijmons said...

Woooooooooooow you have the shoessss!!!
I'm so jealous right now... WAUW

Love from,

Hannah May said...

love the trousers!

We Are The Wild Ones
(previously not18forever)

vivi said...

i really love ur necklacem haven't seen it in H&M italian stores.:( when did u buy it?

Emma said...

Love the blouse! Great outfit again!

x Emma

cássia pérez said...

oh my god girl, u always have the most amazing shows ever!!!! love the outfit


fantasyhead_816 said...

I definitely did that today. Had a massive paper due yesterday, and once I finished I started writing down, "De-stress, smile, chill, eat something sweet, GET SLEEP." Glad everything's well again. Have a beautiful day!

Minna said...

Aww, paita ja kengät on aivan ihanat!

Lovely outfit! ;)


Inside my head and wardrobe said...

I love your acne heels <3

jessica january said...

love your blouse!

january, x

Mcmaris said...

Whole outfit is perfect, i love it. Especially the choker!

Seventh Of July said...

Love the choker! So crazy and funky!

D.Clark said...

acne dreams..

guerrilla love nest said...

i always love your hair

By Sara Romero said...

love your necklace, your shoes, your shirt! you are so gorgeous. love your blog, now following. hope you do the same <3


penelope sarah Armstrong said...


this ook is efforless.


Elegantly Wasted said...

Those Acne shoes are just as amazing on as they are off! Also love your necklace here!


Emily said...

Love the heels!


Soul said...

Nice Blog

Marianna said...

The boots are amazing!
I love them!

Violet said...

i love that first photo. the shirt makes me envious i want one like it.

glad you're able to get some sleep and rest

Vi from Cali

La Petite Olga said...

love the shirt but not really feeling the shoes :)

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Sandra said...

nice look!!! it is really good!!!!!!

LUU H. said...

your shoes O.O

Anonymous said...

i love, love, love those pants! Did you buy them recently?
You always look so chic!

Maryjane said...

Fantastic post, I adore the shoes and the ease of your outfit makes me want it! Gorgeous!

Maryjane xoxo

o lugar ideal para perder alguém ou a si mesmo said...

awesome acne shirt! omg, acne is a brand which makes me want to fly to europe and get the whole collection.
unfortunately it doesnt work as we wish.. teletransport needed.

jojography said...

You look beautiful! These shoes give me goosebumps...

Rossella said...

great shirt

let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

jhuynh said...

great choice on the shoes. didn't you get them in both colours?

Anonymous said...


charismagic said...

That necklace is awesome, so eyecatching!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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