Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Mtv x gilette

So finally.. the project I was filming in stockholm was a gilette venus campain for MTV! I was chosen to be the face of finland so my version will air on MTV finland in april...

our day started at 4.45 with make-up..

Ida was chosen from sweden and trine will be the face of denmarks commercial..

Ida in her insane legs....

we filmed in the botanical gardens in stockholm in very summery outfits..

 we got to choose out own outfits. I wore a very bright acne pink dress, american apparel clutch & river island feather necklace


In the end of the day we shot studio photos and voice-over's.. each in our own languages. Fellow blogger annette was with us as the norwegian girl, bit sadly fell sick on the day of filming! she was fitted in to the clip later though.. I hope she feels better now..

the campaign is called 'just legs' and will launch in april/may around a lookbook-style website where you all can upload some leggy outfit photos and win a whole new summer wardrobe! I'll be picking out my weekly favorites and promise to keep you updated along the way..

We had all such a fun day and it was easy to work with such a great team! so a huge thanks to everyone involved, can't wait to see the final clip!!



Raspberry Jam said...

Your pink dress is stunning!

Nice photos!


EllysMakeupbag said...

Gorgeous swedish girls! hehe. I adore the dress with the black sandals, it looks awesome. xoxo

StylePanther said...

You ladies look absolutely gorgeous!

Joanna K. said...

looks amazing!

Emily said...

These photos are gorgeous!!!!!!!!
please check out and follow my blog!
i am following yours!!!!

Lindsay K said...

Congrats! You look gorgeous.

Vintage Rules said...

You all look gorgeous and that pink dress so nice.

Alaina said...

Love the
american apparel clutch.
Yours & Ida's outfits are

Inside my head and wardrobe said...

i love this acne dress its amazing !! congrats !

The Fancy Teacup said...

You and Ida both look so beautiful! Her outfit is darling, and you look like a goddess! What a fun thing to be part of.
much love.

Ashley said...

all the outfits are stunning. cant wait to see

Wida said...

Agh! You're so lucky!

Missing Amsie Blog

Mariel Villanueva said...

You all look lovely!! And your outfit is awesome!

Zara said...

You look great! Do you know what Ida is wearing??

Fashion Agony said...

That dress! Swoon!


Sydney Rahimtoola said...

i loveeeee hot pink. fave color

Chelsey said...

Wow, that is such a massive honor, congratulations. And you look beautiful, of course.

best wishes xx

Jessie said...

loving these beautiful pastel shades! gorgeous. thank you for sharing your experience.

Ofelia said...

love ida's outfit!!!

Taylor said...

You all look so beautiful! I love that hot pink Acne dress on you- glorious.

featherfactor said...

What amazing opportunity! That color is a dream on you.

Laurie said...

Nice shoot! Lovely colors - I smell springgggggggggg ! weeeee

Jerrica said...

Congrats! Your legs look great!


Jerrica said...

Congrats! Your legs look great!


Jessica said...

oh i cant wait to see the final clip too!
you look gorgeous!
that's gonna be a very very great campaign!

This comment has been removed by the author.

niiiiice :))) your legs look amazing! you should upload the commercial to youtube so your readers in the states can see it :)))

Maycie said...

Awww. You girls look beautiful. What a fun project.


Sari said...

Lve that pink dress from acne, AMAZING especially in summertime!

Minna said...

You look so pretty and cute! I love the outfit you're wearing. Can't wait to see this on TV! :-)


you look amazingly beautiful!

Miss Molly said...

this looked like an amazing experience, congrats of getting to take part..

You looked lovely

Emily said...

This looks so fun, can't wait to see!

Lucy said...

Looks fuuuun!!!

Where is the shoes at the end og this post come from??? Dying to know!!!!!

Camilla. said...

That dress is so beautiful.

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Emma said...

i love the colour of your dress its so bright and beautiful!
hot hot hot xxxx

Dominika said...

amazing pictures!
Go check out the jewellery giveaway on my Fashion Philosophy blog!

MELISSA Z. said...

amazing experience! The pink dress is awesome and that red clutch is so cool! Great pics too! <3

Ylenia said...

I love to see the 'behind the scene' pictures!
I am sure it has been great fun filming it! are you new at this?

ciao bella!

Arašídová said...

wow you all look amazing! it was good idea to let you choose your own outfits : )

it's so pink said...

dress dress dress!! it is SO PINK, ahh...)

Anne said...

wow, i wouldn't mide having a pair of legs like those beautiful girls have! i am very curious to see the commercial! thanks for sharing! X

die melange said...

you look beautiful and so do the other girls!


Vasilieva said...

fab photos, love how you mixed red and pink in your outfit

kirstyb said...

sounds great - well done xxxx

Rebecca Hannover said...

Those pictures are stunning! I love the summer-feeling :)

Lian G. said...

Look very good already!


michelle said...

the early wake up was worth it cus u look great, lovely outfit

The Dress Up Corner

Marie said...

Where are the gorgeous black shoes from? You look lovely <3 xx

Rosa said...

Great post!

Nicole Richie Anonymous said...

You all look amazing. LOVE your pink dress xx

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

That's so cool!!! Congrats Girl! SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! :D

La Petite Olga said...

Great photos! Can't wait to see the whole campaign!

xx Olga
La Petite Olga

Janni said...

I love love love all of those bright colours! You had a beautiful outfit and the garden looks gorgeous.

JENNA L. said...

you make red and pink work too well for my liking.
and need I say anything about those shoes. um bananas?

x x x
I'm Just a Gal

THE said...

You guys look amazing!! All three so beautiful!! Gorgeous look by the way, the pink is amazing!

xo thefashionguitar

**OnYxStA** said...

wow! ur style shines through your piece and just your air....youre amazeballs boo! xx

Xisses, Onyxsta

kelly frances said...

how exciting!! the monochromatic is perfect

Michaela said...

HOLY MOLY! You are soooooooo insanely beautiful, and the pink dress just pops out! Really brings out the color of your hair :) Everything just screams spring! :) thanks for this inspiring post! and don't forget the Elin Kling-dress ;) got it in a drawer here waiting for you :) xxx

Michaela said...

HOLY MOLY! You are soooooooo insanely beautiful, and the pink dress just pops out! Really brings out the color of your hair :) Everything just screams spring! :) thanks for this inspiring post! and don't forget the Elin Kling-dress ;) got it in a drawer here waiting for you :) xxx

marie said...

absolutely gorgeous!

Jessica said...

Hej, hörde här hemma (Vasa) på radion en dag då du var med, jätte härlig stil du har! älskar kläderna! vad gör du i London?

Gabrielle said...

Beautiful pictures! Loving that pink dress.

Burning Veins said...

Lovely photo's!
And your outfit is as amazing as always. x

Courtney Laura said...

This is amazing!!

Check out my blog for contest give away!!!


SANDRA said...

Hi all! thanks for the sweet comments!

The black shoes in the last picture are ida's miu miu's..

Jessica: hei och tack! vad roligt att du hörde min interview... :) jag studerar design på london college of fashion.. :) x

choicesmultiple said...

I'm truly amazed by every each outfit.. crazy stylish. Love how colours are mixed!

Alyssa said...

What brand are the mary-janes in the last pic from? i love them!

You look gorgeous! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Kaja said...

Really nice dress from Acne! Love the bright color, perfect for spring:)


N.K.L said...

All your pictures are so beautiful !
Hope you had a great day ;-)


Kacrates said...

wow what an opportunity and congratulations! :) These pics look great already.

j. said...

i like your outfit. great !

BASIIK said...

Congrats, you look great! I also love Ida's top.

Harri said...

This sounds amazing, love the dress!

Wynn said...

Yay! So much fun! I must get a clutch like yours! xoxo

laumassaferro said...

me encanta♥♥

Emma said...

Congrats! Amazing dress!

x Emma

jojography said...

I like Ida's outfit best and yes, her legs are insane!!! Really like you wearing pink, it compliments your skin tone.

Emily said...

Wow, I am so happy for you! You look stunning (as always)!
I am curious to see the final clip!
Great outfit choice, too!
Have a nice evening,


Great photos!!
you are so cute!!! :)

ciao ciao from Rome

Christina Marie said...

Fun! You both look great. (:


i heart fashion said...

you look gorgeouss! <3


Beckerman Girls said...

ohhh amazzzzing babe!! Major congrats!! This is soo exciting!! You all have grrrreat legs!!! So--great title of the campaign! Your acne dress is stunning--what a bright great happy color!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

Sandra said...

great photos!!!!!!!

you all look fantastic!!

Rich Monaco said...

Best pictures of all blogs together!

Mon said...

That color looks great on you! You look beautiful!


Honor said...

Your so lucky ! you look amazing and so do the other girls.


Laurita P said...

looks like fun, congrats on being chosen. i like the pink color of your dress, very great for spring and summer

Emily said...

This is awesome! I love the outfits you guys picked out!

Pepa Xavier said...

Great outfits, love it.

LUU H. said...

you guys look amazing!

Sophie said...

This all sounds so exciting, i cant wait to see it.
Both of your outfits look amazing too !

S x

Lela said...

Impeccable! These photos are gorgeous.

Lela London - Fashion Blog

Fashion Imperative said...

All the girls are beautiful, love all outfits...........just perfect

Anonymous said...

Wow...stunning! is the acne dress from this season? i can't find it online :(

LAS said...

this is absolutely bananas! good for you!!! love to see blogger girls in the spotlight!!! xo lauren

The Honeyroom said...

What an awesome opportunity and I love your pink dress I love the color!!

Miss Couture Vintage. X said...

You ladies look exquisite! I adore your pink dress.

Keep following my blog for couture vintage ideas.

Much love,


Thechilicool said...

Love your style! I'm following you! It'd be great if you'd do the same! Thanks!

aurora said...


Can you please
please tell me where Ida's shirt is from? The turquoise with brown knit sleeves?

Anyone with an answer to this will be loved & adored for eternity, promise ;)


Shani Galarza said...

Love Love Love !!


Ginger Snap'♥ said...

Ah these are gorgeous shots, i love the colour of the outfits very summery! You've gained yourself another follower :)

Jo said...

Aurora her top is from H&M trend she says so here

Hope that helps!

Jo [L'Anglaise.]

retrostyl said...

Nice colors!

Rossella said...

your pink acne dress is AMAZING

let me know your thoughts on my new blog entry and follow me at:

My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries
My Couture Diaries

Floortje said...

I love your outfit!
Nice blog, now i am a new follower
I hope that you follow me back (:
xoxo Floortje

rach said...

Hi, Do you know what style/model your acne dress is?
It's beaaautiful. x

Anonymous said...

as said it is from the H&M Trend collection. It's actually a jacket, she is just wearing it back to front. I think it costs about 40€
xo anne

Anonymous said...

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