Sunday, 21 November 2010

Apple trees and berry bushes

zara knit
zara skirt
acne shoes
american apparel hat
acne boots

photos by stefanie

Current best thing for cold day survival would have to be the combination of big knits and maxi skirts.. probably because you can wear half of your wardrobe underneath.. awesome, cosy and cute as long as you are outside.. not so cute when you find yourself sweating and rearranging the layers as soon as you step inside. 

naah I should stop pretending that I am not looking forward to the crispy cold days.. I can't wait to take out my hairy snow boots... I take it that chanel totally city-approved the yeti look right? Karl - the grandmas in finland applaud you.


--Sanam-- said...

Awesome pics, i especially love your zara knit :)

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

upside gold said...

love the whole outfit!

upside gold said...

love the whole outfit!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...



love it honey <3


Great outfit!

naomi said...

I love this outfit indefinitely.


Christing said...

so pretty. i love the chunky knit/maxi skirt combo!


RaceforProsperity said...

lovely, that knit is to die for!

Fashion Queen said...

I love your cardigan and shoes.

Bohemian said...

Amazing photo's, ! love your sweater!


Penny Dreadful said...

Lovely outfit - you've made a chunky jumper and long brown skirt look incredibly chic.

La Petite Anglaise said...

This ensemble is SO 'now' it practically hurts to look at it. I'm definitely heading down to Zara to get my hands on one of those delicious chunky knit sweaters, and I'm hideously jealous of your incredible Acne boots. Do you know if they still have them in stock? Definitely numero uno on my christmas wish list. X

nastya said...

love your skirt! :)

Moni said...

cozy look! always enjoy your proposals!
xx bisous

Nyrha said...

Beautifull pics and stunning outfit! I love the knit

franca maisha said...

absolutely lovely! this outfit is perfect :)


Lluvia said...

Love the elbow patches! Beautiful colors.


NLR said...

I looove the jumper + maxi together! Great mix of colours :-)

Carla said...

Gorgeous shots darling.

Redhead In Law

Marloes. said...

Oh, these shots are gorgeous!
You look beautiful!!

Cara said...

Elbow patches are so cool.

Nádia said...

AMAZING! Totally wearing it!!!

Rebecca said...

Gorgeous pictures I love your outfit the colours are perfect ♥ x

fashion clocked said...

the most gorgeous shots in perfect shades for autumn. Crazy for the xara jumper skirt and hat combo! The hairy snow boots sounds hot....Karl would definately approve!Katie.xx

fashion clocked

Kaja said...

love love love all!

Nancie said...

hot look, love the pics!

Javier Sendín said...

Really nice outfit.

Modowy Maniak said...

Amaizing skirt and knit!!!

Silvia said...

really nice!

ellevictoire said...

such a great outfit - those colors work so well xxxx

Miss Oh' said...

I totally agree with that maxi skirt-big knit-statement of yours. You look lovely as ever, great pics!


Eden said...

sooo in love with this outfit!

Purdey Singleton said...

Gorgeous outfit and I love those pictures! I know exactly what you mean about layers though, it's a pain if you have to get on the tube I always end up looking like a broiling lobster! x

Kittenish Behaviour Blog

nina said...

Oh i love this outfit- the skirt, the knit with the elbox patches and the color combination! actually makes me like the cold a bit more when i see these pics:)
xo Nina

The Dandizette said...

This looks so warm and stylish. Loves it, especialy vthat the elbows match the skirt.


Tørlich said...

I LOOOVE this outfit!

eeva amanda said...

great look, I love everything

Vicky said...

Love the colour of the jumper against your skirt. Gorgeous x

Nicola said...

Great photos, I love your outfit especially the skirt! x

Camilla said...

this is PERFECT.

Zahara said...

ah, lovely outfit and vibe in pics!


mariana said...

love love love this,
can i have you entire wardrobe, please? :)

Lady Gabby said...

Please check out my blog if you ever get the chance, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks so much!

Bex said...

Love this, saw both of the skirt and jumper in Zara and loved it! You wear them so well!

Arietta said...

Amazing photos in this post. Lovely knit and shoes! I want some Acne!!! :))

amalie said...

great outfit! love your knit sweater.

Lizzy said...


Serena P. said...

This pics are fantastic.

christina said...

Oh I love the elbow patches on the knit. Yummy. And are those cable knit socks I see under the skirt? V nice xxx

kirstyb said...

love this look its gorge xxx

J.S. said...

cute outfit...I love a good elbow patch on a sweater


Sweet Confessions said...

love the last photo and the outfit!!

Jenna L. said...

Loving the hat and the whole feel of these photos.
Totally jealous of the amazing knits you get to wear while I'm pulling on the shorts and t's!

I'm Just a Gal
I'm Just a Gal

Fashion & DIY said...

Amazing photos!! I totally adore your zara skirt!



Vivian said...

lovely, lovely, so fall..


taylor said...

I wish it got cold here! And I know what you mean, some things are nice outside, then once you get inside, you're sweaty.

I love the shoulder patches on that sweater.

Hippie Fruit said...

Love the whole thing! The outfit is superb and has this mystery sense to it..!

diana kang said...

the skirt with the knit!! amazinggggggg

Marinka said...

I love this sweater a lot, and the skirt is gorgeous too ^^

The Fashion Fallacy said...

I love your skirt! I'm searching for the perfect one still!

xoxo Elizabeth Toledano de Gomez said...

Amazing pictures. The angles and light were perfect. Location is fab. And so is the outfit:)

Kayla-Brae said...

love this shoot!!

you're so beautiful and artistic...really love the blog! it's one of my daily reads...i definitely get a lot of inspiration for my outfits from fashion blogs and yours is always a go to!!



bravegrrl said...

love this look! it is perfect!!!!

Taj said...

LOVEEE it all!!! so 70's Diane Keaton!<3

PaolinaBM said...

hey that's a fantastic outfit! Love the maxi skirt so much and the sweater with elbow patches!!!

rouli said...

amazin look!!!!!!!!!

loooooooooove everythin:)


fashionsdirtylaundry said...

Excellent photography, as always.

I need a long skirt, asap.

LIE said...

your blog is a great inspiration to me. keep up the great work. I love looking at every single pic on your blog.

martienn said...

ouuu ! i like ur blog <3
fantastic :D

follow me and write comment if you want ;*

Eliana Masgalos said...

Just to say I love your blog! Great!
Hope you can visit:
Added you to my blogroll.

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

Wow, great outfit and the pictures are perfect! <3

Mcmaris said...

Such a great outfit!

iina said...

ihan täydellinen!

Hilaloeya said...

I love the shots! lovely skirt!


Annie said...

amazing outfit... wish I had the ££! x

Miyan said...

beautiful photos. love your zara knit, esp the elbow pads!


Laura said...


electric feel said...

lovin the 60's vibe in these shoots!

Little Miss Curious said...

Love the outfit :) <3


THE CRAFT said...

That skirt is nothing short of amazing...

The Craft

RIY_KA said...

first time I have come across your blog...
love the autumn look:))

Pink Stilettos said...

I love your hat and boots :) xoxo
Pink Stilettos

RaindropsofSapphire said...

Those pictures are wonderful!

Don said...

Love the arm patches. Beautiful photos.

JoeyAna said...

I felt that way today all layered up and peeling off layers! i can not get enough of those acne shoes!!!


Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

so adorable photos and outfits!!!

MELISSA Z. said...

these pics are truly amazing and your look is perfect! You never fail dear, you're always so cool and stylish!

MISSY S said...

heey beautiful photo. i love your zara knits! :) you're so stylish and very unique!

Taradiddles of Style on a budget

Azucena said...

Hey! I like your blog, I follow you ;D


Burcin said...

PUNKIE said...

this is totally gorgeous, my god!

Aphrodite said...

amazing outfit!!!!!!

Marie said...

awesome pictures! :)

Vee said...

love the burnt orange color. its so warm and pretty

The Covetist said...

love the landscape and the outfit. seriously, love.

**OnYxStA** said...

i tried on that zara jumper and lets just say, its not in my wardrobe and here i am just staring at the fit on you in shock :o

i wish it looked like that on me :(

Taksi Ferari said...

amazing outfit!!!!!!

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