Thursday, 16 September 2010

5 inch and up at cocosa

I recently did a little interview for shopping site cocosa, where they also had me confessing a little secret...

thank you helen over at cocosa for the style profile!



fizzleout said...

haha oh thanks for sharing your secret, you are so sweet! Your logic definitely makes sense to me! Love the interview and looking forward to seeing your growth as a designer!


CJ said...

That secret makes me laugh (also because I think I need help too, and felt the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic hit a little too close to home)

Georgie Lowen said...

I love the secret! You are truly amazing!


Eliza said...

Your answer about the dinosaur was heaven :D !! love them as well!! congrats on the interview!!

priincess said...

WOW! hundreds pair of shoes! that's CRAZY!

RX-SZ said...

Your answer about the dinosaur got me thinking!
Great interview!

Ashley said...

Your secret is too funny! I definitely would've gone for the pair of shoes over the counseling session too! :)


Chelsea said...

so cool
...from street style to couture & everything in between

Could I Have That? said...

Love it! You look amazing!


Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

So cool.... congrats!!! :D

Deano SC said...


Fara said...

Congrats on the interview. I think I also need professional help for MY addiction. But if I buy shoes that are cheaper than the first session, doesn't that mean I'm savvy and on my way to recovery??? I'll get back to you on that...

ANN said...

Hahaha I love the secret. Congrats!

A la Femme said...

Great feature, congrats!!

KAT said...

great selection of your awesome snaps! always love your photos! there is this unique tone to each of your photos and outfits! love it:)

Shebelle said...

Just 'wow'!

Jakarech said...

This is great!!

Hahah your secret is hilarious!!

Great interview!!

SAM said...



WIAL said...

I love your secret and would have made the same decision. ;)

Glenda C said...

tres cool!

Li said...

Totally love the feature and your little confession(: The life we live... (;


Love the confession! haha

She Wears, She Shares said...

lol, I love your secret!


Heyyy! We're great! Happy to be in the same city as one another finaaallly. Glad you found our new blog and I love this interview hahe especially the secret :)


Nadine said...

I love the whole thing!! The pictures are great and you are so inspiring to me!! ;*

Rachel said...

really lovely interview :). xx

Rule of Fashion said...

awesome shots

checkout my shoppingblog

Catherine said...

ha ha, I would have bought the shoes too!

Elena Vasilieva said...

great post and a cool feature too. loved reading about your little secret, well done on the shoes, girl



CindrellaUnderTheUmbrella said...

funny secret, i love it:)


Hilaloeya said...

wauwww amazing that you are a fashion student! Over about a year I am going to study fashion too in Amsterdam! love the interview amazing!!


ThE fAsHiOn WoRsHiPeR said...

haha, your secret is hilarious!

XoXo-Kelli K

vicky h. said...

ohhh my god, i am flipping in LOVE with your secret!! so true, might as well spend the money on something that'll last!!

xox Vicky
Bikinis & Passports

Diana said...

haha your secret is too funny! i'd do the same - smart choice girl ;) congrats on the feature

murmeli said...

Hey...congrats for the interview!

I just wanted to say something, very irrelevant actually. At the beginning of the story, it's said that scandinavian ladies (like you) are leggy. I'm a Finnish girl too, and I seriously disagree. Having travelled all around, I can say that the Eastern European and Russian girls, they have legs that never end. Personally I think that Scandinavian ladies actually have short legs and long (how I should say this?) torso/back. In my opinion you are no just wear heels, HIGH heels. They are gorgeous, like you!

Liking your blog soooooo much!!!

like a fox said...

so cool.

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

Lisa said...

I would have done exactly the same thing.


Bex said...

Haha, your secret is BRILLIANT!


Haha love your ''secret'' !=D

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Love the little secret! So funny!

Freja Wewer Hjernøe said...

Very nice post!


fashion clocked said...

loved reading the interview- the secret about the addiction made me laugh out loud! I couldnt make the bertie event as I was away on holiday- would have been cool and great to meet you too!kisses katie. fashion clocked

Rebecca said...

It's great your happy for people to know secrets about you, great interview and I wish you look for the future and hope you get where you want to be :) xx

Pink said...

i love itt

check out my two new posts at

fashionsdirtylaundry said...

The shoes were worth it.

Violetta E. said...


Jasmin said...

amazing article!!! congrats :-)


Ieva Ukanytė said...

great interview!
you are adorable, girl

Fashion Geek chronicles said...

wel done dude, must be a high point

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