Monday, 26 July 2010

Every other summer saturday

vintage coat
golden pony knit dress
acne wedges
golden pony bracelet
lapponia silver ring
other vintage + mixed jewellery

pictures by my sister stefanie

Every other summer saturday, that's how often the train stops here. This should be informative enough to describe the pace of living in this part of Finland..

we had one cold day, and then it was back to tropical heat. I of course was estatic as I got to pretend it was autumn and finally a chance play with my new shoes! aaaaaaahhhhh I am in love. Their comfyness is a plus (not that it makes a difference, I haven't felt my feet in years)

the knit dress is my new fave (thank you golden pony) and the cashmere coat cost me 4 euros and 70 cents at a flea market. So now that all the new fall stuff is hitting the stores I need to put my credit cards somewhere unreachable, I am thinking freezing them in a huge ice cube à la confessions of a shopaholic.. BUT when you already know all your codes and card numbers by memory.. THAT IS WHEN YOU KNOW YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

have a nice week everyone



priincess said...

i love those acne wedges!! they are definitely worth buying~ a very good investment! : )

Yasmeen Buttons said...

That dress (sweater?) and the new shoes work well together. I love your photos. They're always so interesting. The full body shot of you upright is my fav.

And :P I know what you mean. I have my credit card number memorized too! Shopping is a wonderful thing.


Juanduh. said...


Closet Fashionista said...

LOVE the dress! Your new shoes look great too :D


really liking the last shot.

SAM said...



Christing said...

these pics are incredible! def editorial worthy...and am so so envious of your amazing shoes!

Emmy said...

I agree, these images are amazing!!!

Heather said...

Amazing photos!

Pauline said...

These photos look like they've came out of a magazine, amazing!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

anazing images, amazing styling. Simply beautiful!


bee said...

Such amazing shoes..I keep seeing them everywhere!


Elizabeth said...

really beautiful photos, and i'm crushing on your chunky shoes!

Laura said...

Love the new wedges, along with the hair, of course.

Camille said...

Really loving the outfit. :D

sammi burley said...

i love these photos

Jacquie said...

these photos are so epic, as are those wedges!

Jenny said...

Perfect shots. I love the mood of these photos. The outfit is great. Love your work xx

isabeltheconquistador said...

God, those shoes are so, so, so worth it. I adore them. I've been thinking of buying a similar pair and you've definitely given me inspiration on how to wear them. :D

fashionable palette said...

Lovely photos. hahaha, so true about knowing credit card numbers!

LiiiZziiie said...

whoa! those shoes! my most sincere respect! u rock them!

check out my blog... u are far welcomed!!!

Jonesy said...

Really cute photos!

Ludmila said...



Kirsty.Billie said...

Love these shots..especially the 2nd & 4th

xx Black Adder Fashion

Roya said...

Those shoes are fantastic. These photos are amazing - you and your sister make a fantastic team.

sayablack said...

Awesome monochrome pics!!!

Asteria said...

ur new shoes!!!:)

Eli said...

omg killer Acne boots!!


Cute shoes and love the knit dress. I know what you mean about the credit cards =) x

Mary-Kate Olsen Daily said...

WHAT an amazing coat! Wow! xx

crys said...

everything in this post is amazing

alixrose said...

Wow, your pick me up purchase look amazing! I wouldnt be able to take them off!

Michelle Elaine said...

damsel in distress on the railroad tracks ;)


Brianna said...

I like the second and fourth pictures. You look like a superhero in the fourth one :)

HC! said...

hahahaaa i love that scene in confessions of a shopaholic! i love your cashmere piece, it looks super comfy!

FashionHippieLoves said...

lovely pics!
I love your dress!


Anonymous said...

You pretty much own every pair of shoes I want in my life. First the lucite Prada sandals, now the Acne. What will be next, the Celine clogs? :)

leonie said...

♥♥fkin awesome shots here schweetheart!! the wedges+vingatecoat+accessories just made me cream my knickers. ♥ kickass blog

Hanna said...

Pictures are so niiiiiceeeeee!!!!!!

Ida said...

My god, the shoes!!! Perfection =)

Pinkie Anggia said...

Oh my!
You're perfect.
Truly nice picture :) Love that xD

Pinkie Angia

Vicky Klbr said...

wow! this pictures are so great!!! love them!

Chiara said...

I simply want your boots!


Fashion Queen said...

These pictures are amazing. You have such a beautiful style, I really love the outfit you are wearing.

iva said...

great great pics|! love the shoes!

Jasmin said...

amazing shoes!! <3

the moonchild said...

those are to die for! i love the your sweater dressing (: it's toned down but the shoes give it such a nice edge


Sunniva said...

Your outfit is fucking amazing, loving it all!!

Elena Vasilieva said...

the pictures re very cool, look absolutely perfect in black and white. j'adore your acne boot and the way you wear them



Shhhh said...

I love these pictures they look so professional look like you would find them in a high fashion magazine.

Love how you wore knit socks with the wedges

it's so pink said...

the boots are gorgeous indeed!!

Romance Is Boring said...

love your outfit so much! Ican't believe that coat was under $5!


tiana said...

these are so good in black and white
i love the outfit! mostly those shoes!

kaye said...

oh my god i cant tell you how badly I want those shoes! And how badly I cant afford them :( GREAT OUTFIT!

Alexandra said...

love that you are wearing socks with those wonderful shoes!

Marinka said...

I love your knit sweater dress and your coat

Eden said...

Loove the look!

Fatima A. said...

beautiful pictures & outfit, I'm in loove with the shoes!!

Fashion-Resort! said...

Your blog is so great. i follow you!:)

Vivienne said...

Hiw did you buy the dress? It says US shipping only on the site? :(

Meg said...

Stunning photos. I'm in love with your shoe collection!

Copious Couture said...

I love these pictures because they totally look autumn!!! Great shots.... very cool pics!


makeitupgirl said...


EIGHT by JAZZY said...

I'm resisting temptation to hit the Acne store while I'm here in New york, but you're blog keeps tempting me... THOSE SHOES!

Love the long/short balance.

Maria said...

Finnish countryside, gotta love it!

Nadia said...

Those shoes are killing me. I see them everywhere, and I want them more every time. fuck.

like a fox said...

drooling over the acnes. mine should be arriving next week!

check out aussie style blog LIKE A FOX at

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...



All My Love,
Kaitlyn McCall

Mcmaris said...

Ugh you got those Acne wedges i am so jealous! Love the way you styled them!

Tash + Clare xx said...

These pics are beautiful!

visit us sometime : )

Fatiha Faulzi said...

THOSE ACNE WEDGES!!! They're mind blowing! Awesome pictures too!


Jessica said...

your acne wedges are killerrrrr.

lifebykari said...

Great outfit, and really amazing photos!! :)

Lærke og Emma said...

I've never liked the wedges from Acne, but they look great on you!


rewind and play again said...

awesome pictures, stunning outfit.

in a few seconds this blog became my favourite.


N.A.RIDYARD said...

those acne wedges are AMAZING.
the last pair of 'it' acne wedges (the lace up ones) didn't QUITE get me running to the shops.
But these just might.

Lindstyle said...

these pictures are so pretty

xo Lindsey

Camilla said...

Those boots are actually beautiful.


Catherine said...

love the coat and shoes..... and style!

Christina said...

Love your photos and style. Feel free to stop by.

Shared closet said...

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! LOVING YOUR BLOG!!! omg! this is a reall blog;)
I have seen your pics and all are incredibles!!
we follow you;)

Nicky said...

I will never tire of telling you that your photographs are beautiful and stunning. Another lovely set, I particularly love the use of the tracks =) Take a look at my blog?

Love, Nicky

lyvine said...

I wanna steal your whole outfit, that's how much I like it ;)

fashionsdirtylaundry said...

Sweater dress and Acne shoes. I can't wait for fall!

Celine said...

goodness... love those wedges.

Sica said...

Jag älskar kappan! Om du gillar vintage tycker jag du ska spana in vintage- och second hand butiken!

Beckerman Girls said...

Those shoes are toooooo obsessive!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!
YOU are looking fabulous in this summer heat!!! We just found out about your blog! We are now following! YAY!
Big kisses
xo The Beckerman Girls

bravegrrl said...

amazing photos! love the entire look and those shoes were made for you :)

ediot said...

äLskar sKorna ! och bilderna. åh vad fint. du ger så mycket inspiration!

Rosemary said...

You got the ACNE WEDGES!! AHHH SO AMAZING! They look wonderful.

Skin & Wood Vintage,

tasha said...

First of all these photos are BEYOND...looks like something out of an editorial...just incred! and those dying..i have no words

love uxxx

fashion clocked said...

such cool photos- absolutely love the desrted setting of the train station- it must be so tranquil? The acne wedges look awesome on you- so chunky, perfect with knits this winter too!xxxx
would really love you to visit me! Katie.xx
fashion clocked blog


LOVE your Acne wedges, so so jealous! Just found your blog tonight, I love it already!


Rebeca M said...

I love those Acne wedges! I featured them in my blog and I think I just have to have them!!! This posting, is so nostalgic and beautiful. Your pictures are amazing always...great quality!

Rebeca M said...

I love those Acne wedges! I featured them in my blog and I think I just have to have them!!! This posting, is so nostalgic and beautiful. Your pictures are amazing always...great quality!

Kate said...

Stunning photos!
Love the wedges and jewellery!!

illi and such said...

I love this post! The shoes are amazing!!! =)

Woonguek said...

<3 :)

Miss Jess said...

Loving these shots! they are beautiful in black and white. The boots are amazing and I saw them in the Acne window yesterday and was so tempted! ps: i am also a victim of a memorised card number! xx

Justine said...

I'm very glad to hear im not the only one who knows their credit card number off by heart. I love love love these photos!!!

Susu Paris Chic said...

Love the tranquil feel in these photos! You look gorgeous, hun... Your style shines through. Paris send you a hug!

MELISSA Z. said...

I took some pics in an abandoned tracks me too. If you want have a look on my blog!
Your pics are wonderful as well as your look! Simply perfect!

Xann said...

I'm totally in love with your shoes too!

Instant Chic said...

Sandra, I love your style. You take absolutely stunning pictures. By the way, I recently feature a crochet dress on my blog which was from Kate Moss for Topshop, which is very you.

Instant Chic xxx

Anna said...

I love pretending it's fall on colder summer days! Those acne wedges are amazing!

Cars said...

You're so beautiful! Lovely pics again

Jessica said...

Lovely pictures. Words can't describe how jealous I am of the Admire's.

Laura said...

You are amazing! I really love your style and you are so beautiful!!!

Angela said...

Gorgeous! x

Anonymous said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a post on your flat and another where you answer our questions! You seem like such a down-to-earth lovely girl, and I want to know more about you!! :)

Elettra said...

These photos are amazing!!

LUU H. said...

those shoes are soo amaziing !

Lindsey Reiser said...

Keep it up with the shopping problem. I love living vicariously through your fashion choices.

The Covetist said...

i have been drooling over these acne boots for a while. you rock them well.
keep on keepin' on. seriously.

The Covetist

Anonymous said...

These photos are incredible... and you're acne shoes are out of this world!


zsú said...

i love those shoes.

marina said...

i'm loving your ACNE wedge...!!

check out my blog :)


Josefine said...

WOW!! Älskar din blogg!

enterrement vie de jeune fille Paris said...

Superbe contraste sur ces photos en noir et blanc,et j'aime beaucoup la robe sur toi.


DREAMY said...

i adooore these photos- the location the outfit the poses... perfect!


gretecullen said...

wow wow wow

HANNAH said...

love love love these images! your sister is a very talented photographer.

veronica said...

AMAZING pics very strange style!!cool!
Love it

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