Thursday, 25 February 2010

Under construction

h&m leather overalls
zara shirt
zara boots
sands boutique scarf

I owe it to my college to say bye bye to the beloved building that's being brutally torn down for a stupid railway thing. One of our campuses is moving, thank god the main building stays and I guess the new location won't be too bad.. 

I had some fun with my lovely friend Tasha who got a bit carried away while shooting the pictures...haha. Anyway it was quite funny playing photoshoot on our lunch break, if there is anywhere you can get away with that, it's at LCF.

oh and the illustrations are by CSM graduate Mark Ballard.. Cool right? 


tasha said...

awww!! love you & these photos!...ohhh im going to miss Davis ST...and our lunch break trips to Zara :( X

what i would have worn... said...

Fab overalls. Do you get kinda sweaty on the tube though?

Ps this shoot could go in a magazine. I can’t believe this is being demolished!

Ronja said...

allt är riktigt bra med mig här hemma i kalla finland.
Studerar och försöker bli klar, man börjar känna sig gammal och rutinerad så småningom:)

Man ser nog att du trivs där borta i London. Hur länge har du kvar av skolan? Är nog avundsjuk på regnet, den här kylan och snön smakar bajs...

katy said...

i'm an LCF alum, which campus is being torn down??

love the overalls!

Claire said...

... they're not tearing down those walls are they? WHAT??

Taylor Sterling said...

WOW that is fantastic! They can't take it down! Love the overalls btw!

Nileve said...

Wow, it looks great! :)

AttemptingStyle said...

those illustrations are amazing! && love your shoes.

isabella said...

Love it!
amazinnnnnng blog!

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Selective Memory said...

Love the photos - glad to see you're still at LCF!

Heather Taylor said...

How can they tear down such a magnificent building? The injustice!
You look wonderful :)

sha said...

Love the overalls and blouse pairing :D

crraazyy walls!

Lauren Goddard said...

These overalls are ridiculous! I love/want/need them!

x x x

The Beautiful and Glammed said...

Amazing styling, you look fab!! And love the set, looking forward to more of your posts! we'll definitely be back. Come follow us too if you fancy! Have a good weekend, woop! xxx

ELLE said...

I'm crazy about this look. You look so good in dungarees.

Couture said...

Lovely outfit! The illustrations are very beautiful!


twocoathangers said...

LOVE this outfit! It's very understated but so chic!

What a shame they're tearing all of that down!

Thanks for your comment That was really sweet:)

thehautepursuit said...

Holy smokes, leather overalls? I swear I would never touch overalls again after that horrible fad back in the 90's, but these look incredible!!! did you buy these recently from H&M?

Holly Sanders said...

THAT BEAUTIFUL BUILDING IS GETTING TORN DOWN!!?? I cant believe that. You look like a painter in those overalls I love it!

FashionQueen294 said...

Amazing pictures! loveee the scarf soo much!!!


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